Aps17 wrote:

Nickwildegamer wrote:

Aps17 wrote:

Nickwildegamer wrote: the point is you guys ARE spamming you just dont know it

aps17 sent a protogent image for no reason

Toa Kopaka Nuva sent a rude poem 

aps17 just sent the word Home

then we were talking about things being dead figdet spinners etc etc etc.... 

it was getting off topic and annoying 

when A L L I W A N T E D T O D O I S T O T A L K T O T H E T O P M I X E L

That's not spamming

Those were reactions

reactions or whatever just keep your nonsense to yourself

It's not nonsense nor is it spam

If you REALLY wanna see an example of spam...


Search it up yourself


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