• Hey Staff,

    I really love this Wiki! You guys along with the members make this Wiki so awesome. I want to do my part to make this Wiki even better by hopefully getting to do a lot more things. I was wondering if I/we could initiate a couple of new pages regarding the actual Mixel sets such as a page for common Mixel pieces. I have a good database that I can count on that has all the information I need (including piece names)(FYI: Basically, my idea is a piece database that goes like this:

    Mixel Pieces

    These are LEGO pieces commonly seen in Mixel sets.

    (Large list with links)

    Set Inventories:


    That's basically it. I think it's a good idea but you guys might not think it is. I know I am always interested to find out things like this. I don't know. I want your opinions. Is it good? Is it unproductive? Well, just stating what I think is a good idea. Maybe we could jump-start this idea?


    (P.S: I'm not saying the Wiki is bad at all so don't take offence. I'm not saying the Wiki needs something like this, but that it would be cool to have it for those who would be interested.)

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