• Welcome to my picto-roleplay! Rules: 1. No swearing or other dirty and/or adult topics. 2. No characters from other shows/films/video games/whatever unless they're a Mixel or Nixel version of them. 3. Time cards can be used by anyone. 4. There can only be one of every Mixel, the same thing happens with Major Nixel, King Nixel, or Nixie. 5. Fan-made tribes of your OCs are allowed, just don't give them parts that are impossible to recreate in LEGO, OK?

    6. Have fun!
    PicsArt 11-02-04.43.07

    (Flying through Mixopolis, sees a Mixel's shadow, who could it be?)

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    • FootiArtwork

      (It turns out to be Footi)

      PicsArt 11-02-04.43.07

      Woah! Hey Footi! Weren't expecting myself to see you here!


      Oh hey Firo! My Infernite friend! Just walking down the street-AHHH!

      Nixels are watching the Mixels


      PicsArt 11-02-04.43.07

      It's a swarm of Nixels! And we have no cubits! We're TRAPPED!


      (Footi and Firo are surrounded by Nixels! Can you save them?)

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    • (Come on when is anyone gonna save us?)

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    • A FANDOM user
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