• What if Mixels had toys other than Lego sets? I think that the non-Lego toys would be made by MGA Entertainment.

    Mixel Drops

    Similar to Num Noms, except that Mixel Drops are NOT scented, these collectable mini drops are based on all 81 mixels from series 1-9. The Mixels are similar to Nums while the Nixels are similar to the motorized Noms.
    Mixel Drops - Flain

    Flain as a drop.

    Talking Scorpi

    Scorpi would appear as his normal self. The toy of him is made out of plastic and has LCD eyes (similar to the 2012 Furby). He would say 25+ phrases, can respond to commands, and do 10 tricks. He would turn his head and walk around. He would be operated by 2 C batteries (not included). The LCD eyes on him would display different eye features. If you press the mouth on Scorpi, he would imitate eating sounds. 

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