• Remember when he deleted everything he put on the wiki? Well, we have to take action now. Lately, he has been rude to me even though I did nothing wrong. He uses big words to sound smart even though he has the mental age of a feisty 9 year old who rages on Call of Duty. We must show him a lesson. We must make him regret what he's done.

    He's also deleted my blog posts and posted hate on my posts too.


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    • what wiki, or am I missing out on something

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    • MLS wiki

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    • Kappa, if I recall, your relationship with Aps17 got tarnished because you repeatedly said things about autism that either lacked sources or were blatantly untrue. (For context to those uninvolved, Aps17 and I are both autistic.)

      You also kept pestering him to watch a show he didn’t want to, and said his reason was “stupid”.

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    • I have to agree with Mixing.

      If you continue to keep acting like this and go against me for having different opinions and shizz that I myself like or agree with, you're gonna end up backfiring on yourself.

      You won't realize it at first but once you do it'll already be too late.

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    • To follow up on Aps17’s statement, it does not help anyone to insult those who disagree with you. It doesn’t help anyone to be vague, either..

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    • KappaDash wrote: MLS wiki


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    • A FANDOM user
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