• Combustor actually has no set. This is a coomon error due to his appearance in the show and his simularity to Vulk.

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    • Stop making stuff up.

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    • Hello the ONLY Mixels to have a set are this Mixels:

      Flain, Vulk, Zorch, Volector, Teslo, Zaptor, Shuff, Krader, Seismo, Flurr, Slumbo, Lunk, Kraw, Tentro, Balk, Chomly, Jawg, Gobba, Glomp, Glurt, Torts, Mesmo, Magnifo, Wizwuz, Scorpi, Footi, Hoogi, Burnaard, Flamzer, Meltus, Nurp-Naut, Rokit, Niksput, Globert, Boogly, Vampos, Gox, Kamzo, Jinky, Krog, Snoof, Chilbo, Turg, Tungster, Spugg, Gurggle, Slusho, Dribbal, Snax, Vaka-Waka, Berp, Kramm, Forx, Wuzzo, Kuffs, Busto, Tiketz, Camillot, Paladum , Mixadel, Jamzy, Tapsy, Trumpsy, Splasho, Aquad, Hydro, Skullzy, Sharx, Lewt, Surgeo, Tuth, Skrubz, Screeno, Camsta, Myke, Spinza, Mysto, Cobrax, Compax, Sweepz and Gobbol

      You can check each one of them and each one of them have a set, 

      According to the releasing rule of LEGO in Mixels,

      every series has 9 Mixels, Each year there are 3 Series.

      Mixels was for 3 years and then was cancelled there will not be more waves so 3x3x9=81 Mixels sets have released, and I just named all the 81 sets. if Combustor was an acutal set so it was 82 and it was breaking. People onlymade fan sets of him but if you keep changing it so you might get blocked. 

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