• That's really cool! I like mixels too.

    I saw you are depressed that mixels is discotinuing. How about we share some possible new episode ideas for mixels here if you want to cheer you up?

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    • Wait! Fan-made ones....?!

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    • yeah. do you have any cool new ideas for new imaginary mixels specials?

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    • Here is an idea.

      Nixeo Games:

      A new video game releases. All of the mixels buy it. However, Nixels are now hackers. Can the Infernite fire wall stop the hacking of the Nixels, or will the Nixels nix every Mixel?

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    • @Lil' Freddy Fazbear 

      Hey this one's pretty good!

      I also have one

      The story was set around the time when Mixopolis is created.

      The original Infernites haven't seen their cousins for a long time. So they gathered materials from the trash in Mixopolis to make a rocket in order to meet the cousins on the Moon. (with the help of some other Mixels, of course)

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    • I love playing yoyos, so i use them in a episode.

      A cubit yoyo

      Camilot went out in Mixopolis to meet again his beloved friends Booger and jamzy. Camilot saw something Booger's holding, he said that it's a cubit yoyo. He found it in the Mixopolis' biggest toy store. Camilot wanted to get one too.(5 hours later) They had a new cubit yoyo for Camilot, he said how does he use it. Booger and Jamzy were shocked after that, but they will show him how to do tricks with it. Day 2, They went to the Mixopolis Park, and they helped him use and use tricks with the yoyo. (50 tricks later) Camilot mastered all tricks in an instant. After that, they encountered a nixel.. a SWARM of nixels! They tried to run away but Camilot stands back and use the tricks to defeat them they didn't know the cubit yoyos can enable to mix, so they did. Now they defated all the nixels, as they smile in cheer.

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    • That's a pretty nice idea mixelremix. if this is a real special, when will you air it in 2017?

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    • Sixels

      The Mixels journey in a swamp, and then they find a new tribe, the Infectors. The members are Playg, who looks like a syringe, Epidem, who looks like a stethoscope, and Influ-Enza, who are two gloves. When they start infecting everybody with an unknown virus, it's up to the Medix to find a cure.

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    • MixelRemix246
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    • Hypnoz (inspired by Lil' Freddy Fazbear)

      Another tribe came, and they are the Hypnoz. These mixels are known to hypnotize any mixel by looking at their spinning and swirling eyes. One day, Globert (who can also hynotize mixels) and his tribe went out to do his performance, they're holding their yoyo and use it do a yoyo performance. After they been to the stage, Globert secretly peek at the audience. Turns out he sees the mixels looking so slightly tired and had swirly eyes. He was freaked out at first, but looking at the top he saw the hypnoz tribe hypnotizing the stage workers. So, he asked his tribe to go down the stage and peek at them. After they saw them, they fell down to take attention to the hypnoz. They try hynotizing them, but using Globert' hynotizing powers it can block them. He told why they do that, and  they said that it was funny to control the mixels. But he told him to break the spell and make them apologise. But they accept to add the hypnoz to join the performance. After the finish of the performance, the hypnoz max and to hypnotize the mixels to applause. After that, they said that they should be friends.

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    • MixelRemix246
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    • Hey MixelRemix246! I am gonna turn your Cubit Yoyo idea into a script.

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    • Wait wuuuuuuhhhhhht........ Cool i hope this is going to be good, btw thx. Also if you've finished the script. Show it to me and i hope it's a good one

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    • Camillot: I haven't seen my friends in a while. I think I better find them.

      Booger in the distance: Camillot! We are in the Mixie studio!

      Camillot: I guess I better come there then!

      [Camillot rushes into the studio.]

      Jamzy: Booger, you are so good at that!

      Booger: I know.

      Camillot: AT WHAT?

      Booger: Oh. This is a cubit yoyo.

      Camillot: What the schnixel is that?

      Booger: Don't tell anybody you said the

      Booger whispering: s word.

      Booger: It's a toy. Watch and learn!

      [Booger performs a bunch of tricks in a row.]

      Camillot: Should I applaud?

      Booger: Yes. Anyway, I got this in Mixopolis Toy Center. They sell a lot of toys there. It's very big, so don't expect to see us until 5 hours from now.

      Jamzy: Let's go.

      [5 hours later...]

      Booger: I got a cubit yoyo for you, Camillot!

      Camillot: Um... ok? Let's just spin it around...

      [Camillot hits himself in the face with the cubit yoyo.]

      Camillot: Ow...

      Jamzy: Wait, you don't know how to use that thing?

      Camillot: I guess not.

      Booger: How can anybody be that bad? Oh well. Let's just go to the park. I'll teach you.

      [After many hours of teaching, failing, and facepalming...]

      Camillot: I get the hang of it now! Watch this!

      [Camillot does all the tricks in a row.]

      Booger: Awesome! If I find out anymore tricks, I'll tell you. Oh, and als-

      [A swarm of Nixels appear.]

      Jamzy: Uh oh.

      Booger: RUN!

      Camillot: No. Watch this!

      [Camillot spins the yoyo around, knocking the nixels out.]

      Booger: I think you should destroy them.

      Camillot: I can't! I can only knock them out! Wait... this is a CUBIT yoyo!

      Booger: Your point?

      Camillot: If I remember correctly, cubits can be used to mix! We use the cubit yoyo to mix, and defeat the swarm!

      Booger: How have I never thought of that?

      [Booger, Camillot, and Jamzy form into the Yoyo Mix.]

      Yoyo Mix: Let's defeat some Nixels.

      [The Yoyo Mix rolls over the Nixels. It then unmixes.]

      Camillot: Why do I still have the yoyo if cubits disappear when mixing?

      Booger: It says, "You can only use a Cubit Yoyo once for mixing, but you can use it anytime for playing."

      Camillot: Thanks for introducing me to this!

      Booger: You're welcome.

      [They go to school, and Camillot teaches many more kids about how to use the yoyo.]

      Booger: You're officially better at this than me, Camillot. Here is a present.

      Camillot: A book of advanced tricks for advanced yoyo users! It even has challenges to attempt! Thank you so much!

      [A year from this, Camillot and Booger attempted a yoyo tournament. Their team won.]

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    • Thanks, this made me happy

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    • One question, do you have a YouTube channel? If yes, make the script into a real life story

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    • MixelRemix246 wrote: One question, do you have a YouTube channel? If yes, make the script into a real life story

      I don't make stopmotions out of my scripts, because the reason I do the scripts is for the reader to picture the story in their head.

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    • Lil' Freddy Fazbear wrote:

      MixelRemix246 wrote: One question, do you have a YouTube channel? If yes, make the script into a real life story

      I don't make stopmotions out of my scripts, because the reason I do the scripts is for the reader to picture the story in their head.

      Ohhhhh... Makes sense. Oh one more thing, this is more creativity.

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    • Everyone loves Youtube, so yeah, I'll go for it


      A new website has been released, known as the Mixtube, a entertainment website for the whole citizens from Mixopolis. Booger had saw the videos in there once and enjoyed it. He reminded what to do, and wondering to make a Mixtube channel about vloging Mixopolis and his friends (Camilot, Jamzy, Zabo, Blip, Scrud gz that's a lot... Not really) He tried his best to record something interesting, but it's not enough. He had over 1000 Mixscribers which he had it great, his dream is to reach 10 million Mixscibers. But during his vloging once again but with his friend Camilot, he saw and recorded the Nixels getting closer to destroy the city. They still have the Cubit Yoyos though, but since they already use them from mixing, they also had their cubits also to mix. The mix put the camera down to record him fighting, it was a success. He uploaded it but for 5 seconds, it went viral and got over 1 million views. Booger and his friends went really happy after that and from now on he will record about special events and fighting nixels. (100 videos later) he reached the subscribers he wanted and from that day, he became more famous and viral and still counting. His days will be a life of wonder.

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    • This is the script! I changed a few things up though...

      [Booger prepares for his day of browsing the web, when he spots a peculiar ad.]

      Booger: Mixtube? I guess I'll check it out!

      [An hour later...]

      Booger: Mixie Cat slides down banister! Never gets old. Wait, what is this channel? "Flain Vlogs"? I love the sound of that! Flain is the best!

      [Two hours later...]

      Booger: I just binge-watched the entire channel! I don't have any single bit of regre- Wait... I could make vlogs with all of my friends! Let's go to the store to get some cameras.

      [He gets the cameras.]

      [Booger herds his friends to Mixel Park, explaining the concept of a vlog... to Camillot.]

      Camillot: I get it now! So, what do we 'record'?

      Booger: Just our daily lives.

      Scrud: Sounds good.

      Zabo: What are we waiting for? Let's start!

      [The friends help with the equipment. Booger shows his town.]

      Booger: And before I end this video, here are my friends that helped make this video possible! Have a good day, and remember not to murp! Booger out.

      [The video gets uploaded to Mixtube, and gets 10,000 views.

      Booger: That's a lot. And now I have 1,000 subs!

      Camillot: 1,000 subs? That's a lot of sandwiches!

      Booger: Subscribers, not submarines. And besides, I wish I had 10,000,000 subs!

      [A day later...]

      Booger: Oh. They added a new update! Subscribers are now called Mixscribers. I must make a new video. Camillot! Wanna record a cubit yoyo trick video with me?

      Camillot: OF COURSE!

      [At the park again...]

      Booger: This is my best friend, Camillot!

      Camillot: Yo, as they say! Or should we say, yo-yo.

      Booger: We are making a trick video!

      Camillot: Ok. How about we point the camera towards the city?

      Booger: Yeah. What a sweet angle! Anyway, this trick is called, walk the d-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

      [A swarm of Nixels appear.]

      Booger: Well, we can't use our Cubit Yoyos to mix anymore!

      Camillot: The only thing to do... is RUN!

      [They run, and run, but then on the ground, they spot something!]

      Camillot: A cubit on the ground! Let's take it back to its owner!

      Booger: But we should use it to mix!

      Camillot: Ok!

      [The Yo-Yo mix is created once again.]

      Yo-Yo Mix: Yeah!

      [The Nixel Swarm is defeated.]

      Yo-Yo Mix: That's it for this video.

      [The Yo-Yo Mix unmixes.]

      Camillot: If you like this video...

      Booger: Please like it and mixscribe.

      Camillot: If you want to see more of this...

      Booger: Let us know! Bye!

      [The video "A Yo-Yo trick video... or so we thought!" is uploaded.]

      Booger: 1,000,000 Mixscribers! I uploaded this 5 seconds ago! From now on, I will only upload fighting Nixels, and special events!

      [100 vids later...]

      Booger: I did it! Yay! I reached 10,000,000 Mixscribers!

      Camillot: Bad news though. There's a channel now called "Mixposed!" It spreads fake news about popular Mixtubers. Their newest video is out, called "Booger is a FLOP! It's staged!" Let's watch it.

      [The video starts.]

      Slandurr: Hi. I'm Slandurr.

      Liebel: And I'm Liebel.

      Slandurr: And this is proof that Booger is lying when he makes the Nixel Fighting vids!

      [10 minutes later...]

      Booger: That was the worst thing I have ever seen.

      Camillot: I am outraged! Let's go to their HQ. We need to bring Blip too!

      [At the Mixposed! HQ...]

      Slandurr: And we all know there is no Frosticon named Snoof!

      Blip: Are these guys idiots?

      Booger: Wait a second... what's this? That sign looks like another sign, painted over! What does it say?

      Camillot: The sign said, "No is the answer".

      Booger: Where have I heard that before?

      Flashback Booger: No is the answer? What was the question?

      Booger: Slandurr and Liebel are Nixels!

      Camillot: I brought a camera. Let's defeat these Nixels.

      Slandurr: They think we're Nixels!

      Liebel: How funny! What's nix- I mean next?

      Blip: Let's fight them!

      [They have an epic fight. Booger and Co eventually win.]

      Booger: And that is the exposement of Slandurr and Liebel. See ya!

      [The video "Mixposed is a fraud! We defeated them." is uploaded.]

      [2 days later...]

      Booger: Guess what? Our video is so popular, Mixtube made it banned to make Mixtube news!

      Camillot: No more discourse!

      THE END.

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    • Do u make scripts everytime u see a story in here. I would say........... AWESOME!!!

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    • Lil' Freddy Fazbear wrote:

      Booger: Guess what? Our video is so popular, Mixtube made it banned to make Mixtube news!

      Camillot: No more discourse!

      What does this mean?!?

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    • MixelRemix246 wrote:

      Lil' Freddy Fazbear wrote:

      Booger: Guess what? Our video is so popular, Mixtube made it banned to make Mixtube news!

      Camillot: No more discourse!

      What does this mean?!?

      Discourse is fighting. Slandurr and Liebel were causing fighting in the Mixtube community.

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    • Btw, remember the hypnoz story i told before. I have one question, how will i name the mixels in that tribe? Name only 3 mixels and about the leader, so that it will be a perfect script. If you do, i really appreciate!

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    • Cunfuz (The leader)

      Purplex (Pun on perplex, and purple as they are purple)

      Pen-Delum (Pun on pendulum, which is the thing that spins to hypnotize somebody)

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    • Okay.... really good. But i like the story into a script though.

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    • I'll do it tomorrow.

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    • K

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    • [There is an announcement that a new tribe is coming. Everybody is excited to see what they are.]

      All the Mixels: WOOHOO!

      Hoogi: They're coming now!

      [Flain, the honorary Mixel, goes on stage to introduce these new Mixels.]

      Flain: And I present to you... The Hypnoz! Everybody cheer... or don't. Because you're probably gonna cheer anyway!

      All the Mixels: What?

      Cunfuz: We are the Hypnoz. We can hypnotize. Not to fret though, we mostly use our powers to make people cook hamlogna sandwiches for us.

      Zaptor: Now I wish I could hypnotize.

      Purplex: I'm in the Hypnoz too.

      Pen: And so... Delum: are we!

      Cunfuz: We have to go to the Moon now. I wonder who's there...

      Purplex: But the rocketship is faulty. It won't work!

      Delum: Wanna try hypnotizing it?

      Cunfuz: Ok. We can try.

      [It works. They hypnotize the rocketship to go to the Moon.]

      Cunfuz: A yoyo performance is going on at the Glowkie's tent!

      Pen: This is a weird way to meet new Mixels, but I think we might have to do it.

      Purplex: Let's go!

      [Globert, who can also hypnotize, is doing a completely innocent yoyo show.]

      Globert: Hey Vampos, turn on the fire! This is going to be an amazing trick!

      Vampos: Will do!

      [The fire turns on. Globert spins the yoyo around a lot.]

      Globert: Can I get some WOOs from the audience?

      [Globert checks the audience, and they are all hypnotized.]

      Globert: OH NO! I accidentally hypnotized the audience! What do I do?

      Boogly: Um... look behind the curtains.

      Globert: What's there? OH GOSH!

      [Globert notices the Hypnoz hypnotizing a Glowkie gift shop owner.]

      Globert: The Hypnoz did this? We have to investigate!

      Boogly: Ok.

      [The Glowkies sneak out of the stage, and try to do more spying on them.]

      Globert: Ok. Do not make a sound.

      [Vampos steps on a branch.]


      Vampos: Your yelling is louder than the branch, you know.

      Globert: Oh schnixel.

      Cunfuz: I'm gonna hypnotize these intruders.

      [It doesn't work.]

      Globert: You can't hypnotize hypnotizers! Why were you hypnotizing my audience?

      Cunfuz: We did it because we thought it would be funny.

      Globert: I too like to hypnotize for fun... but you have to stop hypnotizing my audience.

      Cunfuz: Ok...


      Audience: We're back!

      Globert: And get ready to clap!

      Audience: We won't clap! You hypnotized us!

      Globert: Sorry. I have to go behind the curtains again!

      [Globert goes with the Hypnoz again.]

      Globert: Make them applaud!

      Cunfuz: Purplex! Pen-Delum! Grab the cubit!

      [The Hypnoz Max is created, and makes the audience clap.]

      Globert: Thanks!

      Hypnoz Max: No problem!


      Audience: We are sorry for not clapping. Take this!

      Globert: Wait, what is this?

      [The audience throws roses to him.]

      Globert: Thanks!

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    • A mesmerizing video (Part 2 about the hypnoz)

      Since the glowkies and hypnoz became friends, they start a party. Globert was reminded about Booger's mixtube channel, so he asked Cunfuz to watch his video. He was happy after that, but he wished to meet Booger as a featured video. Globert remembered Booger meeting him as a feature video and also remembered his house. So they went out. (At the sidewalk) Globert found Booger vloging. He waved to take attention to them, when they went closer Globert showed the hypnoz. Booger wanted to make more feature videos so they hang out until the rest of the vlog. After that, they saw 5 nixels stealing cubits, Booger was ready to fight but Cunfuz stopped him and show him how it's done. The hypnoz max and hypnotize the nixels to give him the cubits and tell them to run away while slapping their faces. They unmax and Booger ended the video. It was uploaded and had over 9,000,000 views in just 5 seconds. Cunfuz was happy and thanking Booger about the video.

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    • Fine if you can't script it i'll just make another story.

      Cunfuz's image cubit yoyo

      Cunfuz was impresed about Globert's yoyo tricks. This asks Cunfuz to get a cubit yoyo too, so they went to the store. They found the shelves about the yoyos, turns out there's just one. He read the box and said that it's a limited edition of the cubit yoyo, it says 'image cubit yoyo', so they sold it. Globert teaches him the basics, but as he throws hard a spinning swirl appears. He was facsinated about the image so he replied that it can help hypnotize mixels and nixels a little bit more. As when they go out, nixels started to appear. This makes Booger recording this, about to use his yoyo to destroy them. But before he did that, he saw Globert and Cunfuz. Cunfuz reminded that he would use the yoyo and his powers to destroy them. He then spins the yoyo and started to activate his powers asking the nixels to stop moving like they were frozen. Booger and Globert then mix to finish them off. Booger ended the video. However, 5 days later, Cunfuz was capable of doing over 50 tricks as possible. He joined the freestyle cubit yoyoing tournament, and beaten the defending champion Camilot.

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    • 20 days of no response huh... guess I'll continue........ alright

      The unresponsive cubit yoyo

      Cubit yoyoing became popular in mixopolis. Every mixel had learned all the tricks, some of em have the full collection of yoyos. And one problem just happened... the workers had always made the same design all day long. This made the cubit yoyos VERY OVERRATED! So they said what will they do to keep their track on, So the unresponsive cubit yoyo was born. A unresponsive cubit yoyo is a high level yoyo that cannot wind when tugged to make it work, they have to make a special technique called a bind. (Which is a trick that you throw as you normally would then mount it sa if it was man on a flying trapeze raise the main hand up and let go of the tail.) It is also made to make expert tricks and long combos. 9 mixels (Booger, Camilot, Jamzy, Globert, Cunfuz, and Booger's friends) had these yoyos out and tests them (while booger reviews/vlogs at the new yoyos.) Turns out they think it's too hard for them (because they didn't know about the bind trick.) Finally they checked the first advanced trick manual found in the package and check the bind. They test it and perform bind, it worked the yoyo winded up. After that, nixels started to appear. Since the yoyos are new they are enable to mix once. The mixels max into a miximum yoyo max which is 9 times larger than a mix. It spun really fast (about 9,000 rpm) and push the nixels away. The max unmax and ended the video. Once again it had a lot of views and a few of mixscribers. After the days of practicing, they now master the art of unresponsive cubit yoyoing.

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    • Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll write it, tomorrow...

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    • It's kinda weird that you guys are just writing episodes based on yo-yos and yo-yos only. Any other new ideas?

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    • Yoyoing is my passion read my profile.

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    • Meowllo! I couldn't help but notice what an innocent thread this is. Do you mind if i come up with writing prompts?

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    • CandyMan1437 wrote:
      It's kinda weird that you guys are just writing episodes based on yo-yos and yo-yos only. Any other new ideas?

      Ok first of all no, making stories based on yoyos are not weird. Second, We are just trying to make fun contributions, so try to let that issue go.

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    • It's ok.

      So, I've thought of some 10-minute episodes for Mixels (like most cartoons)

      Episode 1A : Naughty Scorpi

      Episode 1B : Candy Catastrophe

      Brief Description 

      EP 1A : The Spikels decided to let the Flexers help taking care of Scorpi for a day, but Scorpi's naughty behaviors drives the Flexers crazy.

      EP 1B : The Munchos were playing baseball, only to find out that Berp has mistaken Vaka Waka's sphere shaped candy as a baseball. The Munchos then decided to get the candy back from the rainforest of the Lixers, in which the candy could be eaten by the Lixers at any moment.

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    • Geometry dash is one of my favorite games in the world. I made this story but here is the unfinished version.

      Mixel Dash World

      Description: Jamzy recently played this game a lot and became a pro. So pro that he finished that unfinished part no mixel can make it. After that Jamzy's tablet became a portal to another world. Jamzy and his friends was sucked in to the portal. Where will the portal take them? Will they escape the dimension after the journey?

      That's it

      The full version will be released tomorrow or after Lil' Freddy Fazbear made the script.

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    • Wait tomorrow... and I'll script Mixel Dash World.


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    • MixelRemix246
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    • I don't know how to put it but...

      MixelRemix246, you shouldn't rush Lil' Freddy Fazbear to finish the script for you because making a script takes lots of time and patience. Plus, why don't you create a script on your own when you have the ability to?

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    • CandyMan1437 wrote: I don't know how to put it but...

      MixelRemix246, you shouldn't rush Lil' Freddy Fazbear to finish the script for you because making a script takes lots of time and patience. Plus, why don't you create a script on your own when you have the ability to?

      I guess your right, let me think about it

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    • I realized that i haven't put something for the mixels to talk, it's more like this:

      Jamzy spoke in exitement "Yes i finished it, I can't believe that i did it!"

      I'm sorry Lil' Freddy Fazbear for pushing you too hard.

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    • It's ok. I understand.

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    • Writing prompt: Flain gets captured and is hypnotized into going into a fiery rage when he hears the word "forget", and chainsaws are involved

      Random off topic thing tho: People ship John Lennon with Paul McCartney. If you don't believe me, look up "McLennon".

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    • I regret my desicion.

      "Can you do a fanfic where Paul is going into labor?"


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    • Lil' Freddy Fazbear wrote: I regret my desicion.

      "Can you do a fanfic where Paul is going into labor?"



      Also, John's frigging married. Who came up with this and why?

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    • Look at the 3rd thing you see when you look up McLennon

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    • 3rd thing i saw was tumblr

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    • The entry that has in green text

      > Archive of Our Own > tags > McLennon

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    • Didn't find it, but still traumatized

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    • Also, didn't Lennon love Yoko?

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    • Yep
      IMG 0030

      image that both works and doesn't work for this thread

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    • i could make some scripts

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    • Did you come here because of Beatleshipping?

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    • I wanna make scripts though. Busto, I'll tell you if I want you to make a script for me.

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      But in all seriousness, I might make more writing prompts.

      • Booger and his friends learn about mixel romance and freak out because they want to be cool and have a date. They try flirting and things go horribly wrong.
      • The Mixies finally finish practicing and have the biggest concert in mixopolis.
      • Camillot is caught doing something embarrassing by Mixadel, and he tries to keep Mixadel from telling anyone.
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    • Bustoboy20 wrote:
      i could make some scripts

      If you want, you can make a script about the ideas I had.

        Loading editor

      But in all seriousness, I might make more writing prompts.

      • Booger and his friends learn about mixel romance and freak out because they want to be cool and have a date. They try flirting and things go horribly wrong.
      • The Mixies finally finish practicing and have the biggest concert in mixopolis.
      • Camillot is caught doing something embarrassing by Mixadel, and he tries to keep Mixadel from telling anyone.

      I like the third one.

      [Camillot is in his room of the castle, studying on great rulers of the past.]

      Camillot: Oh... how I desire to be one of these people... wait, what's this?

      [He finds an art book.]

      Camillot: You know, I've always enjoyed art. I'm gonna read this. Wow! This is some good art.

      [Mixadel just happens to walk in.]


      Mixadel: Why were you looking at such... naughty things, cousin?


      Mixadel: I'll tell everyone!

      Camillot: NO!

      Mixadel: *scoff* Fine. Only if you do these three tasks.

      Camillot: Blackmailing me? Ok, so what are the tasks here? Let's see. "Slay the Great Nix-Dragon?" "Get the Mix-Sword?" "WASH THE DISHES?" I can't do these things?

      Mixadel: Ok. HEY, LOOK WHAT CA-

      Camillot: Ok. I'll try. So, I should probably find the Mix-Sword first! What does this paper say? "It can be found in the Nixel cave, mix with someone else, or go solo, if you're brave."

      [Camillot finds Booger.]

      Booger: Hey, Camillot! What's up?

      Camillot: I need to go on an epic quest!

      Booger: Why?

      Camillot: Um... because Lil' Freddy Fazbear wants me to!

      Booger: What? Ok, what do you want?

      Camillot: We have to go into the Nixel cave, to find a sword.

      Booger: Ok. Wanna mix?

      Camillot: Yeah!

      [The Quest Mix is made.]

      Quest Mix: Let's get that sword!

      [They get the sword, after 2 long hours.]

      Quest Mix: Ok, now we have to fight the Nix-Dragon with this sword. Say, where is it?

      [The Great Nix-Dragon appears right behind the Quest Mix.]

      Quest Mix: Let's swing at his skull!

      Nix-Dragon: ARGGGGHHH... *dies*

      Quest Mix: Now we have to wash the dishes... oh...

      [6 hours later (they eat a lot at the castle)...]

      [The Quest Mix unmixes.]

      Mixadel: You did all three, huh? Fine. I won't tell anyone about what you saw in the art book.

      Camillot: Booger's right behind me...

      Mixadel: Uh-oh.

      Booger: It's OK, Camillot.

      Camillot: I didn't mean to look at it!

      Booger: First of all, it's just art. Second of all, you didn't mean to see it, so it's ok. You are innocent.

      Camillot: Thanks!

      Flain: Hey! Mixadel called me to burn that art book.

      Camillot: Good.

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    • Lil' Freddy Fazbear wrote:
      It's ok. I understand.

      But do you still want to script my stories??

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    • Eventually.

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    • Lil' Freddy Fazbear wrote:

      What do you mean..... "Eventually"?

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    • Remember that i will make the full version of the story 5 days ago. Well here we are, starting.

      Mixel Dash World (A mixels version of geometry dash)

      A new but trending app has been released as the Mixel Dash World. A game of mixing the action and rhythmic fun. Every mixel in mixopolis install and play all day. But Jamzy played this for a week and became a number one pro as he play, create, and finish all songs. The more he play, a surprise will come closer. Then, he advance through the final plot no mixel will finish it except Jamzy who finished the impossible final part. After that, his tablet became a portal to another dimension. He and his friends were sucked in the portal. After they dropped they became small cubes and after a few seconds, he realised the game he played and thought the only way to get out is to play the game till the end. After few attempts, songs, and explosions. They reached to the final song. It's a very tough one so they stand back and play it after they reach almost to the end they saw a bunch of nixels destroying the portal, the mixels also knew that the nixels were behind this. The mixels max into a very huge mixel cube and start smashing and crugshing some nixels. After they went to the portal they unmax and went to their world. As from now on, Jamzy will stay playing at the middle instead at the end, otherwise he will get there again.

      Ps. I didn't do the talking due that I'm tired with it

      Pps. The reason that I can't do it tomorrow 5 days ago it's because that I'm too busy with something.

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      - Jamzy/Booger/whoever shows Camillot a game called "Mixelwatch" (An obvious Overwatch parody). Camillot and company try it out and a completely different side of the mixlings is revealed when they play it.

      Basically that's all I got :/

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    • New Prompt for someone to do.

      The Glowkies explore the underground with the Cragsters. However, the Glowkies and the Cragsters discover a horrible secret that could put all of Planet Mixel in danger.

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    • Hmm... i do wanna try some prompts...

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    • I like the Cubit Yo-Yo one!

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    • Gobbol943 wrote: I like the Cubit Yo-Yo one!

      Thank you!!!

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    • MixelRemix246
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    • Here are my kinds of cubit yo-yo that fits for the mixels,

      Booger and his friends (regular butterfly yo-yos)

      Camilot (Side spinning yo-yo... Y'know side-spinners are just spinning thingys coming on each fronts of the yo-yo that enable you to hold the yo-yo even it's spinning which make it cooler.)

      Globert (a yo-yo that lights up everytime it spins)

      Cunfuz (an animating image yo-yo, it has a spinning swirl in one half)

      These are my ideas. Btw, they are all unresponsive, meaning they don't come up when tugged. A bind will let them go up (look at the story "unresponsive cubit yo-yo" to know how it works.)

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    • My first ever prompt:

      Jamzy loved listening to remixes and decided to buy a launchpad, however he didn't have enough money to afford it, even does not know how to use it.


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    • Lil' freddy fazbear, remember that I push you too hard about the scripts. Well I kept reading the scripts but overtime I felt very bored due that you made the scripts from my new stories. Your scripts are making me very happy. However, I can't do scripts due to that I less likely to make the mixels talk. I just have one question,... do you like to script my stories?? I mean just because I confess about it doesn't mean I'm pushing you hard again. Hope you understand.

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    • I love scripting fanfics. Look at my blog posts for 8 fanfics I made, and I'm currently in the process of making a ninth one!

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    • I can't do scripts, but I can do plots and prompts.

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    • Well I make fan-stories without mixels talking.

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    • Lil' Freddy Fazbear wrote:
      I love scripting fanfics. Look at my blog posts for 8 fanfics I made, and I'm currently in the process of making a ninth one!

      Hmm. I see

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    • The Trick Ladder Competion

      A new competition for cubit yoyo players came, it's The Trick Ladder Competition. 5 mixels will follow the tricks found in the screen, showing the trick names. Camilot, Booger, Globert, Cunfuz, and Jamzy were in the list. When they reach to the stage the competition started. In the screen there are 4 tricks (Sleeper, Walk the dog, Rock the baby, And Around the world). They throw their cubit yoyos, and perform Sleeper first, Globert didn't threw the cubit yoyo well so it stopped spinning and tried again and this time threw it harder, but the other 4 finished the trick and Globert was now behind. Next trick is Walk the dog. They placed ther cubit yoyos to the ground starting to move foward, Globert came ahead. Booger threw it crooked and started to move to the right he did put it in his hand before the spin died. Rock the baby, they start forming the trick but Jamzy missed the hole making the trick a lot crooked and catch it in time. The last trick is Around the world, They throw the cubit yoyos foward and move the cubit yoyos around. Globert, Booger, and Jamzy's strings were broken due that they forced it too hard and the cubit yoyos flied to the roof, it didn't break but they were eliminated. The remaining mixels are Camilot and Cunfuz. The finals will start in 5 minute so they made their cubit yoyos became unresponsive (again they don't come up with a conventional tug but a bind will make it come up). The final match started there are 3 tricks (Plastic whip, Gyroscopic flop, and Laceraion Bind). There are also 2 additional rules (they have to mix with the eliminated mixels and when their Cubit yoyos lose their spin has to start at the beginning) Camilot mixed with Booger and Cunfuz mixed with Globert. The match starts. They start throwing the cubit yoyos and creates the trick ladder. Cunfuz failed Gyroscopic flop, while Camilot did it. Cunfuz tried to try again but it failed once again, Camilot was almost there, and Cunfuz has no choice but to hypnotize him to stop and fail the trick. He did snap him out and Camilot realized that he's cheating, so he rushed and succeeded the whole trick ladder. Camilot won the trick ladder competition. Cunfuz was very sorry after that.

      P.S. If you don't know the tricks, search it obviously.

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    • And as from now on Lil' Freddy Fazbear, I will let you decide if you can script it or not. Just to not rush you.

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    • Update: I'm about to make 3 new fan-made stories. They're still in progress so I'll say the tiltles:

      Suspicious side-spinners (currently in progress...)

      Trending to Mixtube

      2 yoyos are better than one

      I'll take care of these fan-made stories later.

      P.S I want to make more yoyo-based stories because I always play with them.

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    • Suspicious side-spinners

      Camilot had to practice more and more tricks. But, when he tried to do a trick with his two fingers of the side and throw the cubit yoyo, he noticed something sliping through his fingers he got it in his hand and check the yoyo. The screw is fine, the bearing (like one of those fidget spinner bearings but smaller *size c*) looks fine. But after sliding the sides he found the sides spinning very weird so he needs help. He called Booger for some help and let him examine the sides of the yoyo. He said to Camilot that it's a Side-Spinning Yoyo he had. Camilot had no idea what it means, Booger said that it is the spinning sides that allows him to hold the yoyo even that is spinning, it could also make even more tricks by holding it. He told him to hold the yoyo in his left hand and pull apart, after that the yoyo starts to spin at the end. He didn't feel spinning and vibes from the spinners but by the looks of it, it spins just fine. Next is that Booger tells him to bind horizontally by throwing the string right close to the yoyo and tug, when it's about to go back, let the yoyo go. Thanks to Booger, he can now do new tricks, he pull the yoyo again and when it's apart he removed his upper finger and holding just the lower finger he tried to call it the "finger spin" and it fits perfectly. Just when the second freestyle competition starts he makes a few tricks and makes holding tricks more. He won.

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    • Should I just make more... welp k.

      Trending to Mixtube

      Booger had to keep track from his channel and the website as well until he noticed a new update from Mixtube called "Trending". It can help create the best videos according to the popular video's category. But most of his videos are the most trended videos so far and leaves. A week later, his videos from the Trending section are replaced by other Mixtubers' videos. He watched the #1 trending video and felt amazed the video is categorized as Cinematic Cubit Yoyoing. He recorded a video with his crew(from the unrespnsive cubit yoyo story) and before he did the same thing he said that he was inspired by the Mixtuber who made the video and started the rest. 5 seconds later his current views and likes from the video were doubled more than his last videos and his video ranked #1 to the Trending section. Of course, he did more videos made out of other videos trending to Mixtube. He planned to do that.

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    • Can I return this wall cuz I'm bored

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    • Wait, can you give me more prompts? I'd like to do something small.

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    • Well since I want to keep up with my fanfics sooo

      ●Camilot wants to experience a new style called offstring or 4a (a style which the string is not connected to the yoyo and can be spun if the yoyo is thrown up.)

      ●Booger also wants to experienced a new style, freehand or 5a (a style which the string is not connected to the finger but is connected to a counterweight allowing the end where the counterweight goes move freely away from the finger.)

      ●Cunfuz wants Booger as his slave, so he and his tribe hypnotized every single mixel in mixopolis. So Booger will save them all just by using his freehand tricks. (I know this prompt is not that small but who gives a-)

      Like I said, I want to keep my fanfics on track.

      Ps. If you still dunno what I'm actually saying, you can always search it.

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    • Or use my other stories that you haven't script.........sorry

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    • You Can Teach Old Mixels New Tricks:

      [Camillot is looking dejected at his Yo-yo Trick Book.]

      Camillot: And I thought I would never complete this... sigh...

      [Camillot throws the book away.]


      Booger: I wonder if Camillot's still practicing the Super Expert tricks. I'll go check on him.

      [Booger happily walks to the park, where Camillot always hangs out.]

      Booger: Wow, Camillot, you look depressed. Why?

      Camillot: I beat every trick in the book... now what?

      Booger: You can always practice further, for example, you can try tournaments, and maybe you can earn some mucks on the street for yoyoing!

      Camillot: I know! I'll make my own tricks!

      Booger: ...or you can do that too. Goodbye.

      [Booger walks away.]

      [A day later...]

      Camillot: BOOGER! LOOK AT THIS!

      [Booger slumps all the way from his home to Camillot, yawning]

      Booger: You woke me up early... *sleeps*

      ????????'? ??-?? ???: SNAP OUT OF IT!

      Booger: AAAH! That woke me up! Who was that?

      Camillot: It was my new trick, the Yo-Yo VOX!

      Camillot's Yo-Yo VOX: You see, the way to perform this trick is to make it spin, and have it grind on a hard surface. Move it up and down to simulate speech.

      Booger: Sweet! Can I try?

      Camillot: Yeah.

      [Booger follows the instructions.]

      Booger's Yo-Yo VOX: I am really enjoying this, Camillot! Shall we share this with the rest of our friends?

      Camillot's Yo-Yo VOX: Sure!

      [Later, after school...]

      Camillot: Guys, I invented the coolest Yo-yo trick ever!

      Camillot's friends: What is it?

      [Camillot smiles with a look of determination.]

      Camillot's Yo-Yo VOX: The Yo-Yo VOX!

      [Everybody is shocked by what just happened.]

      Zabo: Woah...

      [For the next hours, they mess around with the Yo-Yo VOXes. It is dark out.]

      Camillot: Now we shall all go to bed.

      [They sleep, but something else underground is happening...]

      Major Nixel: The Mixels are loving this new trick! I know what we must do...

      King Nixel: What may that be? It better be good, or you're getting the boot!

      Major Nixel: You see, the thing about this trick is the anonymity. You can hide behind something and pretend you are someone else's Yo-yo VOX!

      King Nixel: So, you want the Mixels to all go in a spot in which we can easily get their cubits?


      Nixel 1 and 2: Nix nix! *salutes*

      [The moon turns into the sun, as the Nixels hide in a bush. They make a poorly constructed Camillot.]

      Nixel 2: Nix? [How do we convince them we are hip?]

      Nixel 1: Nix, nix nix. [Just watch and learn.]

      "Camillot's" Yo-Yo VOX: Hey hey, my Mix-brothers! If any of you Mixels would like to go to a fun and hip party, go to the bodacious park, bro! It's a perfectly open spot! Bring your own cubits!

      [The scene cuts to all of Camillot's friends getting ready for the party.]

      Blip: I got my cubit!

      Zabo: I got mine too!

      Camillot's friends: LET'S GO!

      [Camillot sings peacefully.]

      Camillot: Doodoodoodoodoo..

      [A bunch of Camillot's friends come rushing in.]

      Camillot: Where did you guys come from?

      Scrud: Are you kidding? The party, remember?

      Camillot: Uh, what party?

      Scrud: The party you told all of us about!

      Camillot: I never did that! It could've been a Nixel.

      Blip: Now that I think about it, I was a little suspicious...

      Camillot: WAIT! If we figure out how, we can make them believe the Yo-Yo VOXes' voice is Major Nixel!

      (Camillot accidentally makes his Yo-Yo VOX touch gravel.]


      Camillot: IT DOES! Now, we wait for the Nixels.

      [A few minutes of waiting...]

      Camillot: They're here! Hide!

      [They duck under a bush. Camillot puts the Yo-Yo VOX on gravel.]

      Nixels: Nix nix nix!

      "Major Nixel": NIXELS!

      Nixels: Huh?


      Nixels: Nix niixxx... *crying*

      Booger: WE DID IT!

      Camillot and his friends: HOORAY!

      [Back in Nixel Land...]

      King Nixel: Your forces were outsmarted by the Mixels! As promised, now you'll get the boot!

      [King Nixel hands Major Nixel a singular boot.]

      Major Nixel: This is not what I thought you meant by getting the boot... but thanks!

      King Nixel: You're welcome.

      [The screen becomes black, and a Yo-Yo VOX rolls on the screen.]

      Yo-Yo VOX: THE END!

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    • This is cool. Even this is not related to my prompts and my previous stories. If you did, then it will be even cooler.

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    • Y'know what I'll just use my prompts.

      Off the string

      Since Camilot finished all the tricks in 1a (original style), he realized there are more things in cubit yoyoing. Camilot saw Jamzy doing 3a and wanted to try a new style also. But since he was too good at cubit yoyoing, he skipped 2a  and 3a and found 4a . Camilot and Booger went to the store for Camilot to find that style. (A minute later) Alas, he found a really wide cubit yoyo (Click for example). Camilot got it, paid it, went to Booger's home and opened it senseless. Since he knows 4a as offstring cubit yoyoing, he winded the string without it connected to the cubit yoyo. He wanted to try to throw it normally, Booger was trying to say something but Camilot already did it. However the string was incompletely unspooled in order for him to catch the cubit yoyo. The second try, the cubit yoyo fell down due to the complete unspool from the string. So the cubit yoyo rolled foward all the way to the closed door. Booger was saying, that he has to throw it upwards instead of downwards and teaches him. The first try, Camilot missed the cubit yoyo from landing on the string so it fell down once again but it uncontrolably scatter due to the long spin time. In the second try, he managed to land it on the string and sucessfully bind for a catch. He mastered the "Basic Offstring Throw". As Camilot went home, he practiced his new style. 3 days later he has now mastered all of the tricks (cuz it's sooo obvious that he was too good at cubit yoyoing). He now made his own trick called "Crown Catch". And can now showed his offstring tricks to his close friends. A new division called "The Offstring Division" from the Mixopolis Nationals Cubit Yoyo Contest has been released. So Camilot signed in and does his freestyle and used this as his freestyle music . One of his favorite parts from his freestyle is to hop the cubit yoyo all the way to the top, made a open loop from the string, backflip, then used the open loop to catch the cubit yoyo and this made the crowed scream. But one day, Camilot and the mixtube crew came to the Mixopolis Park to make a video about Camilot's new style and showed it to the camera. But in the middle of his exibition, a bunch of nixels rolled in (literally) so the crew fight. Camilot realized he can now make another yoyo mix once again so the crew held his yoyo and became the offstring yoyo mix. The mix made a bunch of tricks to charge its power and pushed the nixels out of the way. They split but Cunfuz wanted to try his finishing move. He started hypnotizing all the nixels to act as chickens as they went to their land. As they went back, they did act as chickens but King Nixel stopped the trance and making sure that the nixels should try better. Back to Camilot, he now made his new mixtube channel called "ItsCamilotTheKnight" where he post content like yoyo vids and tutorials (mostly in 4a), vlogs and sketch comedy. As his life goes on, he liked the style more and decided to chose his current style as his specialized style.

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    • I fixed the links to let you understand more:D

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    • Bu bu bububu boooooorrrrrrinnnngg

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    • 🤔

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    • Still booored

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    • I'm still retuning this because I can't give up

      Spin n Counter

      Booger was inspired by Camilot's 4a  tricks and got to the point where Booger decided to change a new style. Of course, 4a is way too difficult for Booger to execute offstring tricks. He passed that style and moved to 5a. 5a or Freehand  is the last style of cubit yoyoing that includes a counterweight placed in the finger loop allowing the end to move freely. So he got a 5a cubit yoyo which was so wide the cubit yoyo fitted his whole hand. Booger set it up, record a new Mixtube video and starts playing it. At first, the counterweight's end is pretty difficult to manipulate so it either flied away, hit his face and broke several stuff. He paused the recording and nearly mastered the manipulation of the counterweight so he continued the recording and tried the style. He starting to like it so he definitely keep it. After 3 months of practice, he realized maybe it's time for him to show off his friends. A week has passed and a new 5a style competition has released. He signed up and the freestyle music started . He pushed his tricks well and tried to toss the whole 5a cubit yoyo, cartwheel followed by a backflip and caught the yoyo. The crowd let out a ocean of impressiveness. And was placed 1st. But the contest was interrupted by nixels flying with their jetpacks, so he called the crew and started fighting. Booger has the chance to make another  yoyo mix and turned into a freehand yoyo mix. The tricks it made were really flashy, technical, and fast and may give enough power to knock those nixels. They won. Days have passed and Booger was showing his tricks to the entire city of Mixopolis.

      Edit: I put more links for more understanding...😀

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    • Yo! We've got 101 replies!!!

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    • I tryin to do this story about the Mixels doing the AP Division but I ended up skipping that idea to this.

      Control the stage

              Cunfuz opened up his new Cubit Yoyo Contest called "The Hypnoz Tribal Cubit Yoyo Contest". The rules are simple, 1 or more Mixels will perform any style of Cubit Yoyoing and they can switch styles later. Props are highly necessary to use including music, so basically it's a roleplay but Cubit Yoyos are used. The differerence between this contest and the previous contestsin the past is that there is almost no rules. The judges are the main tribe, and the audience are all hynotized. There are also no points, the rankings depends if they like the performance. The tribes feelings are reflected to the audience. So the more the tribe gets impressed by the performance, the louder the audience's cheers are. However, the performers gets disqualified if the tribe hates some parts of the performance 5 times. And this is known by the audience booing. 

              Booger and Camilot signed up to compete once again and wants to experience the challenge. The performers are trying their best to entertain the judges, some performers are disqualified due to the preperation failure. This made Booger and Camilot feel nearly nervous so as the other performers.

             They are next so they prepared a their props and Cubit Yoyos and tried their best, first up is the music 'Alan Walker - Faded" (I'm tired of linking). Booger starts off with 1a tricks and does some slow tricks, and Camilot is doing a grind trick. Cunfuz slowly nodded, then the audience clapped. As the singing starts, they made the tricks faster and done the tricks at the same time as the beat of the song hits. Some of the Mixels from the audience are wooing, that is Pen-Delum quietly saying a wow. As the chorus starts, they both backflip and performs tricks that the Cubit Yoyo is spun horizontally and super fast. The judges quickly fely amazed and all 3 snap their fingers in unison. The audience are screaming and woahing. This means that they liked it so much and has a small chance to win. They mixed, into a 4-handed mix. And 2 Cubit Yoyos in 2 hands. The audience are still cheering. As the song ends, nixels showed up but this is not the part of the roleplay yet the judges think it is. Booger has and idea and played "Final Battle (Remix) by VideoGameRemixes", they are going to fight instead. They both mixed again and used Booger's Cubit Yoyo and Camilot's Cubit Yoyo. So they fight, and the audience screamed like they never screamed before. It is because the judges were on a hight level of amaze. So the mix defeated the nixels and went back to their colony. It unmixed and bow, they are placed 1st. 

             More of this contest came every month of the same day, and it became the most popular contest in Mixopolis. More and more players participated the contest every month, and Booger and Camilot felt super challenged from the contest.

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    • ......?

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    • Beat the heat

            An infernite mixel walked around Mixopolis and does his beatboxing. He was a beatboxing champion in Mixopolis and kept competing other beatboxers.

            Eventually he saw Jamzy, who was beatboxing in a calm manner. The mixel challenged Jamzy to a beatbox battle, the mixel beatboxed really fast and has whooshing and some sounds a voice can't do. Jamzy was already getting started and beatbox with movements followed by the sounds he made. The champ was unmatched, he was talking as he beatboxes. Jamzy lost in embarassment, the champ recieved cubits from the audience for a reward, Jamzy needs help. 

            He talked to Tapsy for support, he can understsnd Tapsy's language due to practice. Tapsy has a 2 secrets. First is that he was a champion until the infernite mixel beat him and was retired. Second is that he has many advantages to win, but since Tapsy was retired he gave the opportunity to Jamzy.

            He's out for a rematch to the mixel, the mixel start off first and beatboxed like he was used to. Jamzy's first advantage is singing while beatboxing, it caught the audience attention and had a small chance to win. The mixel doubled the difficulty of his beatboxing, Jamzy felt confident. Jamzy's second is to bring out his cubit yoyo to make tricks, the beats he made match the timing of the cubit yoyo landing strings, the audience's attention is doubled. The mixel got frustrated and beatboxed like he never done before. Jamzy's final advantange is doing the fastest beatboxing, cubit yoyo tricks, rapping, and ends with a backflip as he suggested from his rap. Jamzy won and became champ.

            The mixel escaped and revealed himself as a nixel with a speaker. Everyone was screaming and scattered all over the place. Jamzy called his friends and mix with them. The mix defeated the nixel and returned all the cubits to the mixels. Jamzy realized since he found out the champ was actually a nixel, Tapsy is still the champ. He was a champ until the nixel beated him, the nixel used a speaker, he gave the advantages to Jamzy. Tapsy was still a champ all along. The next day, Tapsy stopped his retirement and kept beatboxing all thanks to Jamzy.

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