• You want me to draw you something?

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    • I want you to draw me your best characters of the following tribes: 

      A Skydiving/Drone tribe (Actrobaticz (Dronicus, Bungee, and Stretchez)) (Max is a stunt plane)

      A race tribe (Razers (Pit-Stop, Tyrez, and Wheelz)) (Max is a race car)

      A Mail company (MCPS (Mailzy, Planeair, and Packyle)) (Max is a Mailbox)

      Millionare tribe (Wealthiters(Richie, Au, and Spentz) (Max is a treasure chest)

      A Mining tribe (Goldildos ( Drillz, Hammax, and Shovelz) (Max is a giant drill)

      'A ghost 'tribe (Extermix ( Spookz, Soulix, and Gastmy) (Max is a Banshee)

      A Dino tribe (Dinocons( Rexy, Coreytops, and Reptarz)) (Max is a T-Rex)

      Sports tribe (Sporetcos (Kisscamz, Tacklez, and Goalouie)) ( Max is a referee)

       A plant tribe (Plantrio( Flowo, Weddz, and Shrubz)) (Max is a plant monster)

      ​Christmas tribe (Christmix (Prezentz, Reinderic, and Chimneyz (almost like busto))) ( Max is Santa Claus)

      ​MCFD cousins (Hoze, Buketz, and Spiliam) (Max is a helicopter)

      ​Nucular waste tribe (Tosmix (Poisonnya, Slimer, and Radidoug)) (Max is a living containment unit)

      Now Dronicus, Buketz, Spentz, Kisscamz, All the Extermix, and Planeair can fly. Hoze and Bungee are both dogs.

      I also want you to draw my mixsona, a mixel with glasses, A color scheme of the Nindjas, and a personality that loves to create with Legos. Also to draw this 

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    • That's a lot of things....

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    • Yeah, I know that's a lot of tribes and names, but I'll tell you what work on just the Actrobaticz, Plantrio and the Razers for now. (Those are my series 10 tribes) Tell me if you're done with the drawings of the tribes and the maxes I'll tell you my series 11 and 12 and so on. These are my series 10 personalitys/description.

      Dronicus: Fly in to the arena with Dronicus! Dronicus is the fastest leader of the Actrobaticz but sometimes a little to good for his job

      Bungee: This small mixel is always entertaining folks at the arena but after performances he always makes sure that he keeps his tribe safe

      Stretchez: This mixel has arms like a monkey, body and legs of a spider and what do get? A mixel who's afraid about his real self

      Flowo: This kid loves the smells of the greenhouse except he's got one thing to worry about, Allergies!

      Shrubz: This messy leader of the Plantrio always gets the job done even though he does leave some leaves

      Weddz: This exicutive from Mix Magazine is always has a new leaf even though to watch out for his temper!

      Pit-Stop: 'This head driver, Pit crew leader, and mechanic is all in one but his oil does be a little slick!

      Tyres: Tyres is always doing his job so good but don't bring him a television because he'll watch the entire race.

      Wheelz: Wheelz is the engineer on this race team, he can build cubits any time, just make sure it is for his tribe only!

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    • Sketch-1477606256247

      Here is the ghost tribe.

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    • Extermix Sketch-1477606256247
      The one in the middle is Gastmy 

      The one in the end is Soulix

      The one in the front is Spookz

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    • Sketch-1478437918254

      Dino tribe

      Srry if I took to long.

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    • Whats the next tribe of mixels Aps?

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    • A FANDOM user
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