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    I read you're Sayings after i said anything. & The thing about DHMIS Is taken. i was suprised you & i were the only folks that didn't like those youtube videos. We could be friends. & Yes there IS things in this world that sucks other then DHMIS. The disaster movie is one of them & believe it or not, i hate the Pokemon anime. There's a majority of problems in it. As for the Cancellation of mixels, Here's something you should know Spritbris contacted LEGO about series 10. & LEGO responds "We don't have much information" Telling everyone that they cannot just into conclutions & We shall see if is there's a series 10. If not, How 'bout we make a spin off of mixels After when it's cancelled. We could even put our OCs in it.

    In conclution Thanks for all the advice.

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    • It was confirmed for cancellation. Stop arguing against it. I've given you complete evidence. If you want to put together a ridiculous spin-off with your LEGO toys, go ahead, but stop bugging other users like me about these nonsensical issues.

      Oh, and I never said I "didn't like" DHMIS. I just said I wasn't a fan. So, who's jumping to conclusions, now?

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