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    To vote, you must...

    • Be an active user that edits and takes place in this wiki's events and activities. The wiki is not very consistently active in the form of special events so this rule has been lifted, anyone can take part in placeholder name voting.
    • Not be blocked on any account, such as a spare account.
    • Have at least 50 mainspace edits. (This does not count if you are a staff member.)
    • Have an admin confirmation if you want to put a Mixel up for nomination.

    When voting...

    • You're not allowed to vote a name just because your friend votes for it.
    • You are allowed to comment, but you must be respectful to other users.
    • You're not allowed to nominate a name that has no fit.
    • Any mass-message advertising about a vote is against our policy.


    • Bold the name you nominate and explain the name in regular text. Example:
      • Flain - a combination of "flame" and "brain."
    • Do not create names based on existing characters, in show canon or made by fans.
      • If there is an unintentional resemblance to a fan character's name in the name you nominated, then it is excused.
    • The nominated names are to be based around either the tribe element, the design of the character, or both. No "hunches," or direct human names. (Human names can be included as part of puns or word plays, but not used on their own.)
    • Do not vote for your own nominated name.
    • Do not vote until the voting period has started.

    Wait, voting period?

    • A name nomination lasts 7 days.
    • The first 2 days are based around nominating your name ideas.
    • The rest of the week is based around voting on the names. When voting, please bold the name you vote and leave any other comments in regular text.
    • This split is done to separate the name nominations and the votes, so they don't get jumbled up.

    But wait, placeholder name?

    A placeholder name is a fan name for a background Mixel who does not canonically have one. It isn't just a fan name though; it is one that is voted on and agreed upon to be used in place of that character's mentions so that in the long term, describing the nameless character does not get confusing.

    Would you rather see:

    • "The small blue Glowkie joined in the Mix."


    • "[NAME] joined in the Mix."

    The placeholder name system was inspired by the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Wiki and was implemented after an unanimous vote.

    Have fun voting!

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