• Well welcome to mixels wiki my friend.

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    • Oh and here's everything cause I like you

      Bogov4 Bogo!

      A user has given you a Bogo. Bogos are given to awesome users. Enjoy your pet. Put this on your userpage to show you got a Bogo!

      I'm Jiper. Kacka, kacka! Kacka, kacka!

      The Golden Cubit has given you a Jiper. A Jiper is a fun and very shy creature from a land in the clouds. They are easily frightened and they love to eat chocolate croissants. Many believe them to be mythical, but share these with others so we can prove otherwise!

      LDD Gumnpyy Rawr!

      A user has given you a Gumnpyy. Gumnpyies are dangerous creatures that must be given to somebody else as soon as possible. If you have gotten a Gumnpyy, put it on your user page to warn others.

      Bugiboo artwork IT'S A BUGIBOO!

      A user has given you a Bugiboo, he is given to you because he needs a master. Bugiboo is just a weird Mixel creature that always searching for his master or his creator when get lost, some Bugiboos has been kidnapped so they searched for a master, they like to play and make peoples laugh.

      post these to your user page.

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