The Wonderful World of Mixels
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December 23, 2015 (full documentary)
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The Wonderful World of Mixels was a five-part behind-the-scenes documentary series produced by Tongal and released on the LEGO website in the leadup to season three.

It contains interviews with various people on both the LEGO and Cartoon Network sides of the partnership, and explores all aspects of the franchise; particularly the toys and cartoon.

Official Description

Welcome to the wonderful World of MIXELS! Builders at The LEGO® Group and the creative team at Cartoon Network pull back the curtain give us the inside scoop on the wonderful world of MIXELS. A fun group of wacky, colorful characters who can be broken up and mixed into other characters, each with its own unique personality and special abilities.



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Release Date


Part 1 - The World of Mixels D01 title card 12/9/15 (website)
12/10/15 (YouTube)
The concept of Mixels is explained in detail for unaware viewers, to lead into the other chapters.
Part 2 - The History of Mixels D02 title card 12/11/15 (website)
12/12/15 (YouTube)
Cartoon Network executives visited LEGO's Concept Lab and saw prototype Mixels, at the time called Hungry Monsters. They suggested a partnership and both companies got to work, having meetings and developing the franchise together.
Part 3 - The Toy Design of Mixels D03 title card 12/16/15 (YouTube)
12/17/15 (website)
LEGO designers create sketch models of new sets, have kids test them, and after that build the final versions. They are then digitally sent off to a different department, where instructions are made.
Part 4 - The Animation of Mixels D04 title card 12/17/15 (website)
12/19/15 (YouTube)
The team at Cartoon Network animates the next episode. Miranda Dressler and Timothy Barnes speak about their jobs (character design and art direction, respectively).
Part 5 - The Voice of Mixels D05 title card 12/18/15 (website)
12/21/2015 (YouTube)
The voiceover session of A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig is seen. Later, everyone discusses the potential of Mixels in the future, due to 2016 taking place in Mixopolis.


For a full transcript of "The Wonderful World of Mixels", click here.

People Involved

In order of appearance.

  • Camilla Haahr - LEGO Marketing Manager
  • Andrew Seenan - LEGO Design Manager
  • Jordan Reichek - Supervising Producer, Cartoon Network
  • Michael Diederich - Storyboard Artist, Cartoon Network
  • Rob Sorcher - Chief Content Officer, Cartoon Network
  • Anne-Marie Andersen - LEGO Building Instruction
  • Miranda Dressler - Character Designer, Cartoon Network
  • Tim Barnes - Art Director, Cartoon Network

Production Information

  • The project came about due to a funded pitch.[1]
  • The documentary was pitched from May 13 to May 20, 2015, and immediately after being accepted, was in production from May 27 to August 4, 2015.



  • According to Chapter 2, the original Mixels concept was called Hungry Monsters, even though prototypes simply called Monsters have been found online. It is possible that "Hungry Monsters" may have been incorrectly stated from memory, or that "Monsters" was an alternative name for the pitch.
  • Chapter 5 was accidentally released with Chapter 1's video. However, the file for Chapter 5 was still found in the website.[2] This was fixed the following day.
  • In the compiled version, several transitions from part-to-part are slightly glitched, sometimes repeating a blip of audio from the end of the preceding video.

Memorable Quotes

It’s actually all about creativity, it’s all about these monsters that can basically explode together and recombine and remix into brand new characters. LEGO’s all about being creative, but this is such a correlated experience, it’s all about rebuilding, it’s all about kids creating their own stuff whilst they’re playing.
— Andy Seenan
“Well, what do you do with them?” And they said “Oh, you know, you take them and you break them apart and you mix them into other characters.” And then one of the other execs said “Well, Mixels! We should call them Mixels!” And that’s where the idea started.
— Jordan Reichek


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