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The Munchos MAX are out to Lunch[1] is the fifteenth episode of the Mixels stop motions. It was released on October 29, 2015 on YouTube.


The Munchos are very hungry and are enjoying eating a large pizza, however; they can’t eat the whole thing separately! Watch as the Munchos MAX to see if they can finish the pizza![1]


Snax, Berp and Vaka-Waka come across a giant pizza and share it evenly until there is only two slices left. They decide to Max and share it.


Major Characters



  • The concept is almost the same as the "Infernites MAX!" stopmotion video, as they Max and share food they can't all have.
    • The only difference between the two shorts is that the Munchos immediately Max to finish the pizza instead of fighting over it before Maxing like the Infernites did.



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