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The Great Mixel Mix-Up! is an activity page in the May/June 2016 issue of the LEGO Club Jr. Magazine.

The Great Mixel Mix up.png


The Series 8 Mixels have fun at the swimming pool, with two activities for the reader.


There are nine Cubits that are already given in the picture:

For Rainbow Cubits

  1. Right behind the yellow/green beachball on the pool.
  2. Left side towards Skrubz's green floated ring.
  3. Left side towards Sharx's peg leg.

For MCFD Cubits

  1. Right behind the pink boombox.
  2. Right behind the mustard bottle where it is on the blue/white striped table.
  3. Around the yellow floated ring where it was held by Aquad.

For Glowkie Cubits

  1. Right next to Surgeo and his purple floated ring.
  2. On top of the blue cup.
  3. Below the green bush.


  • Sharx doesn't have his eyepatch on his left eye.
  • Skrubz is missing his window and one of his tongue pieces.
  • Skulzy is missing his flag piece used for his bandana and a green flower on his arm.
  • Hydro's ball socket pieces that connect to his legs are twisted, but this is most likely just so he can sit down.
  • On both his name tag and in the word search, Aquad's name is misspelled as "Aquod".
  • Tuth's toothpaste doesn't have the two LEGO pegs on top of it, so it is just flat. Also, for some reason, it appears to be glowing.
  • Aquad's blue dome piece on his side and the glass inside him is solid and not transparent.
  • Aquad's left foot doesn't appear to be connected to the ball joint. The ball on the end of the ball joint piece is also dislocated.
  • Lewt's two top silver teeth aren't in the right spots. He's also supposed to have a silver coin piece between his arm joint pieces, but it's not there.
  • Surgeo doesn't have the round black piece on his syringe. Also, the clear piece on his syringe is solid and not transparent.
  • Sharx's frontmost tongue piece is rigid and L-shaped rather than sloped, and his set of front teeth are shifted to the right slightly, clipping into the curved slope used for his lip.


  • There is a word puzzle on the pool that you can solve by finding the Series 8 Mixels' names.
  • There is a bonus where you can find nine hidden Cubits in the picture (Rainbow Cubits, MCFD Cubits and Glowkie cubits).
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