The Chosen One
Snoof is the chosen one.png
Snoof receiving a key, becoming one of the many Chosen Ones.
Appearances A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig
Type Prophecy/associated title
It was all just a hoax!

The Chosen One was a fake prophecy made up by King Nixel, with many Mixels claiming the title during the hunt for the Mixamajig.


The Mixel designated as The Chosen One was to be the one to unlock the Mixamajig; an object that was said to grant wild Mixing dreams. In reality, nobody was truly special as multiple keys were made and given out; unbeknownst to the Mixels until they all were congregated and trapped at the false artifact's threshold.

The story focused on Snoof's, which had the 'prophecy' delivered by a Maximum Mixel shadow puppet hologram within the Egg-Rock, which crashed in Muncholand. After hearing the message, the Frosticons, Glorp Corp and Munchos were successfully tricked into going on the quest. Meanwhile, Snoof kept bragging about how he was originally chosen, much to every else in the group's jealousy. The Klinkers and Lixers eventually joined in, wanting a share of the end reward. ("A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig")

Known Chosen Ones

Below is a list of "Chosen Ones" designated by Major Nixel, as well as the groups that accompanied them.



Cubits (Mix / Max / Murp)

Food (Coconapple / Cookironi / Ice Cream / Hamlogna Sandwich (Hamlogna Conveyer Belt) / Zap Zaps / Bar-B-Cubes / Rock Pops / Plowers / Cake / Cupcake / Strawberries / Barbecue / Rocks / Stone Popcorn / Mixmallows / Weenie Burgers / Crater Tots / Rokit Sauce / Oxy-Juice / Pizza / Coffee / Donuts / Soda / Lollipop)

Sports (Digging / Rockball / Mixelball / Slingshot / Snowboarding / Log Toss / Fetch the Cubit / The Soccer Championship of the World / Basketboard / Volleyball / Murpball)

Ceramic Figurines (Piranharex / Porcucobra / Tigerscorp / Teddy Butterfly / Dragocat / Bunnyram / Beel)

Leaders / Gift Boxes / Cubit Outposts (Vac-Hammer / Mt. Brushmore / Astrowhisk) / Cubit Defense Towers (Bonflowers / Lavanuts / Cart Crashers / Snail Mail / Bubble Busters / Shockotrons) / Fire Sprinkler / Rockytop / Roller Slate / Kaboombox / Neon Noodle / Crystals / Ballooñata / Totems / Mucks / Potholes / Pipe Trees / Electric Trees / Popsicle Trees / Sunflower / Cloud Ship/Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer / Mix Festival / Wiztastics Show / Lightbulb Sun / Illnesses / "Oh, schnixel!" / Lava Slide / Ship-Space / Campcube / Gravity Plug / Forest Freeze / Nixelstorm / Ultimate Nixelator / King Nixel's Airship / The Chosen One (Egg-Rock / Maximum Mixel shadow puppet / Mixamajig / Mixamajig Key) / Go-Kart / The Mixels Movie / Mix TV / Cubit Ball / Mixing, So That's How It's Done! / Mixopolis Vehicles (Bus / Royal Coach) / Cell Phone / The Nindja Chronicles / I-Cubit

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