Teslo & Zorch Mix
Cartoon Appearances Mixels.com
Calling All Mixels
Primary Mixel Teslo
Secondary Mixel Zorch
Purpose To defeat Nixels/Major Nixel (Calling All Mixels)
Ability Faster speed
Fire projectiles from his tail
Shock Mines (For a short time, drop explosive mines wherever you go)

The Teslo & Zorch Mix is a Mix that made his debut in Calling All Mixels.

Physical Appearance

The Mix has almost all of Teslo's traits, except his body and head are dark red, his ears are light red along with his arms, and he has a black flaming tip. His legs have dark red and yellow highlights with Teslo's feet.


  • In the Mixels website, this Mix has short, grey legs than the one on both Calling All Mixels and his LEGO form.


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