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Teslo's House
Teslo house
Teslo's house, as it appears in Hot Lava Shower
when the lava bulges through the pipes of it.
Inhabitants Teslo
Visitors Volectro
Features Water fountain
Lightning rods on roof
Pipe system

Teslo's House is a location in the Mountain City, in which Teslo resides.



Teslo's house appears as a standard Electric House with four stories divided with yellow discs. His roof is yellow with two large lightning rods on top. It is located on a small hill. Inside his house is a drinking fountain placed under a hanging light bulb, with a yellow piping system connecting through it to the outside.


  • His house uses different colored pipes than other houses in Mixel Land (yellow instead of grey).
  • His house appears to be the building that houses the Electroid Classroom.
Teslo Drinking Fountain

Teslo's drinking fountain


TV series

Season 1

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