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The Tentacle Nixel is a giant Nixel featured in the Cragsters Game.



The Tentacle Nixel is a Nixel sent underground to attack the Cragsters Max.

Physical Appearance

The Nixel is square-topped and is giant, bigger than the Cragsters Max. He has three long tentacles that shoot out to attack, which appear to be made out of regular-sized Nixels of all three ear types.


The Tentacle Nixel is only seen in the fourth and final level of the Cragsters minigame on the Cartoon Network website, as the final boss. He is defeated the same way as attacking other Nixels and collecting power-ups in the game, simply taking up more attacks before falling. Not much else is known about the Tentacle Nixel.


  • He is the only Nixel to have not spoken.
  • All of his Nixel tentacles use the simplified far-shot faces.
  • He is the largest Nixel and, if separated from the tentacles, is the largest character not made up of more than one being.
  • Similar to King Nixel, the Tentacle Nixel uses other Nixels to complete his body.





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