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|Color = Pink}}
|Color = Pink}}
{{Quote|It beautiful!|[[Shuff]] on Teddy Butterfly|center}}
{{Quote|It beautiful!|[[Shuff]] on Teddy Butterfly|center}}
The '''Ceramic Teddy Butterfly '''was one of Shuff's ceramic figurines.
The '''Ceramic Teddy Butterfly '''was one of Shuff's ceramic figurines. According to his reaction when it was given to him, it was one of the most beautiful objects.

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Teddy Butterfly
Teddy Butterfly.png
Appearances Mailman
Type Ceramic figurines
It beautiful!
Shuff on Teddy Butterfly

The Ceramic Teddy Butterfly was one of Shuff's ceramic figurines. According to his reaction when it was given to him, it was one of the most beautiful objects.


The Teddy Butterfly has a pink, shiny body, with the bright green wings of a butterfly. Its wings have bright yellow spots on them, and its cheeks, stomach and inside of its ears are dull white.



The Teddy Butterfly first appears next to Tigerscorp, imagined sitting there by Shuff. It is later seen finally delivered by Zorch and then Shuff throws it to the ground like a football and it breaks into pieces. Shuff then realizes what he just did, and starts crying.


  • The specific Teddy Butterfly that Shuff bought was the last one in stock.
  • It is a hybrid of a teddy bear and a butterfly.
  • It was the last figurine out of all four shown in Mailman. It was also the main toy in the episode.
  • It, the Shrimpbee, and the Rambit are the only ceramic figurines that do not look like ferocious, mean-looking monsters.



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