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Zaptor: Are you tired of your regular sidewalk?

Vulk: Yeah?

Zaptor: Then buy a Zaptor Brand Pothole!

Vulk: Wow, Zaptor brand Potholes? how does it work?

Zaptor: Zaptor Brand Potholes work like 1 2 3! 1. Purchase a Zaptor Brand Pothole, 2. Place your Pothole on the ground 3. Have fun!

Vulk: Is that it?

Zaptor: No its noooooot, Zaptor Brand Potholes also come in different variants, Hazardous Pothole, Helpful Pothole and my favourite, Vulk-trap Pothole!

Vulk: Wo-wait what?

Zaptor: Wait, theres more! order in the next 2 seconds and you get a free hamlonga sandwich! too late

Zaptor: Zaptor Brand Potholes, there child-safe!

Zaptor Brand Potholes are available in Black Markets Mixels Landwide!

Zaptor Brand Potholes are not responsible for any injuries and or deaths

Zaptor Brand Potholes are a division of Electroids Inc, so if you get injured or die, blame Teslo!