Coming Krawly Tentrothirteen, in TentroTwentyFive, Nixjus are attacking the Mixels Land, coming from the Pacific Mix, linked to Nixel Land, originaly, Mixelanity tought of using Mixes to protect Mixels Land, at first it was effective. but as the Nixels grow more powerful, the government deems the mixes uneffective and just thinks of building a giant wall, while the wall is still under construction, the government sends Flain Becket and his brother, Tortsy Becket, to pilot Mixy Danger to defend Hong Kong from the Nixels, Tortsy dies and gets replaced by Mesmo Mori-STORY ENDS HERE DUE TO POSSIBLY SPOILING THE MOVIE-

Coming Soon: The Amazing Spidermix 2 staring Krawdrew Garfield, Iron Mix 3, staring Vulk Downey JR and Balkman v Slumboman: Dawn of Cubits staring Balk Affleck and Frosticon Cavill

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