Due to demand from Hyperealisitc Gaben, here are some more Mixel Movie parodies:

Mixels of the Galaxy: Flain Quill/Flainlord is an intergalactic criminal, now the leader of the Mixels of the Galaxy, a team of superheroes, he now protects the inhabitants of the galaxy with the help of his teammates, Tortsmora (Glorp Corp rumor reference) Glompx the Mixer, Gloort the tree, and Rocket Jawg in an adventure that premiers Cubgust Twentymixteen, Mixels of the Galaxy is copyright of Mixvel and the Vulk Disney company

Teenage Mutant Ninja Mixels: Produced by Mesmo Bay, is the story of Flurronardo, Balkelangelo, Magnifotello and Zorchael, 4 mutant teenage brothers, trained ninjitsu by their master, Master Seismo, watch as they: Make out with normal mixel Tentro O'neil, Discover their mutant origins and ultimately defeat the evil villain...the Scorpi

Transmixers: Directerd by Mesmo Bay, the leader of the Mixels, Optimus Flain, teams up with Dinomixels Shufflock, Krawfe, Volecslug and Tescorn, to defeat leader of the Nixels Majortron, now in his new Galvanixel form, once more

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