Me: Do you love Frozen?

Flain: No...

Me: Well do you love Mixels?

Flain: Well, I am a Mixel so...


Flain: Wait what?

Me: We fire the regular cast and replaced them with crappy mixel parodies!

Flain: I have a bad feeling about this...

Me: Welcome to Mixeldelle, ruled by Queen Flurrsa and Princess Lunka...after their parents died in a boat accident

Flain: I don't car-

Me: SHUT UP! Watch as this Flexertown d%ckhead causes Flurrsa to run away and causes Lunka to go out in the wilderness to find her!

Flain: Well that's pretty stupi-

Me: With a s&*t loads of songs like

Lunk: Flurrsa, do you want to play Snowboard?

Flurrsa: Shut up Lunka!

Me: And this:

Slumbolaf: Winters a *yawn* a good time to cuddle

Slumbolaf: But put me in *yawn* summer and i'll be a-Slumbolaf sleeps-happy frosti*yawn*

Me: And our favourite, this!

Flurrsa: Let it Go! Let it Go! Can't Hold it back anymor-

Scene cuts to flain, who points a gun to his head, proving that he's a frozen hater

Me: And that's not it! Flain, you're one of the luckiest people on the world because you will be the first ever mixel to watch Mixel's Frozen!

A dvd of frozen suddenly appears infront of flain, flain grabs it and briefly takes a look at it

Flain: Mixel's Frozen?

Flain puts the dvd on top of his flames, burning it

Me: And lets not forget to thank the cast:

Flurr Dazeem as Flurrsa, the singer of Let it g-

Flain throws his tv out of the window

Disney'-Mixel's Frozen!

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