Cookironi 2: Cookironi Factory

Tentro and Lunk are back at the Factory, this time making Cookironies

Cookironi conveyor belt starts moving

Tentro and Lunk start boxing the Cookironies

Lunk's stomach growls

Lunk: Oops, looks like im hungry!

Lunk starts staring at the Cookironies as they move, while Tentro's not looking Lunk eats a cookironi

Tentro notices that there are missing cookironis,

Tentro: Hey, what happened to that Cookieronis!

Tentro looks at Lunk, who has his cheeks stuffed with cookironis

Lunk, with his mouthful: I don't kno-

Cookironis fall out from Lunks mouth

Tentro stares at Lunk, angrily

Tentro: Oh you're so gonna pay for this!

Tentro fights Lunk, while the empty cookironi box gets put in the Cookironi truck

Cookironi truck drives to the Grocery Store

Scene changes to inside the Grocery store, where the shelf is stacked with Cookironis

Grocery store opens, series one mixels rush to get their own Cookironi box

Only one Cookironi box is left, Wiztastics, Glorp Corp and Spikels mixels come to the shelf with their pushcarts

Glomp: Ooh, Cookironi!

all series 3 mixels have their hands on the box

Magnifo: Oh so you want to play tough do you? well I got some magic and im not afraid to use it!

Scorpi: FIGHT!!

Series 3 mixels fight for the Cookironi box, while the cookironi box falls off the shelf, onto the floor

Cookironi box opens, just to find out that its empty

Series 3 mixels stop fighting and notice the cookironi box is empty

Magnifo: Its....empty?

Series 3 Mixels: WAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!-

The End, Neh Edt


Back at the Cookironi factory, Tentro and Lunk stop fighting

Tentro: I think that's enough, im sorry, Lunk

Lunk: yeah, im sorry too for eating all the cookironis

Tentro: speaking of cookironis, lets go back to work

Lunk and Tentro notice that the cookironi box was already shipped to the grocery store


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