I have just tought of parodying of Changing a Lightbulb, if you like the infernite version, i'll tell you guys the rest:

Making a Barbeque:

One day at the Infernite Kingdom

Flain: Today, we will learn how many Infernites it will take to cook a barbeque!

Zorch: Pfft, when will we ever to need that junk?

Flain's barbeque breaks

Flain: Right now...

Vulk and Zorch: WE'RE GONNA STARVE!

Flain: Everyone calm down and find an extra barbecue

Vulk: Hey, I found a ticket to the Wiztastics show!

Flain: Now that's something we will never need

Zorch: H-hey, I found a cubit!

Flain: But a cubit isn't a barbecue (reveals that there was a barbecue behind a curtain) But this is! now how are we supposed to cook the meatymeats? Lets max and use...

Zorch: The cubitz!!

cubit turns into a giant hand, that mixes the Infernites into their max

Infernite max breathes out fire onto the meatymeats

Max: Hmmm, needs to be cooked more...

Max spits out lava, which causes a giant lava explosion

Barbeque grills fall from the sky like meteors, smashing and breaking the barbeques

Flain: Now how are we supposed to fix those Barbeques!?

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