Glorp Corp Land
Inhabitants Glorp Corp
Visitors Nixels
Features Nose-shaped objects
Colorful flora

The Swamplands are a location on Planet Mixel filled with slime and swamp vegetation, where the Glorp Corp reside.



The Swamplands have a large swamp with multiple logs, mainly used as platforms. There are also tadpoles and a wooden, pointy fence behind. Floating on the surface are dozens of logs and lily pads. There are also mangrove trees with a giant, wooden nose-like structure in the front of the tree spewing a snot-like substance from the nostrils. There is also a green background with fireflies.

Serie6 Explore Character Extra Top 480x269 GlorpCorpBG

Cousins' version

In 2015, with the cousins branch of the tribe, the Swamplands gained a new area where the three live. This part of the Swamplands has an olive green, striped ground with nose-shaped rocks, colorful flora, and goop dripping from the sky. It is unknown where the said goop hangs from, although it could possibly be rain.

In Apps

Calling All Mixels

— World selection slogan

In Calling All Mixels

In Calling All Mixels, the Swamplands are a heavily water-based area with camper vans randomly strewn around the area. Lawn chairs, banjos, and barbecue grills also decorate the area as well. There is a much smaller emphasis on the palm trees in the game. Bathroom tissue and portable toilets are also located in the area. Flies also buzz throughout the air in random areas as well.

Mixels Rush

Glorp Corp Land MR

In Mixels Rush

In Mixels Rush, the Swamplands are called Glorp Corp Land, and are the ninth and final world in the game.

Background Music

Calling All Mixels

Glorpcorp action loop
Glorpcorp exploration loop
Glorpcorp region background

Mixels Rush

Bgm glorpcorp


  • The 2014 version of here, Musicland, the MCFD Station, and Weldo Land are the only locations that did not appear in the show.
  • According to, the croaking of frogs can be heard here. This implies the existence of yet another type of life form in Mixel Land. Flies and fireflies also exist, as seen in Calling All Mixels and in the background of the static image, respectively.
  • Various supplemental material mention that the area is filled with a large amount of garbage.
  • The 2015 preliminary bags originally used a modification of the 2014 design of the location.
CAM Swamplands in Meet the Glorp Corp Popup

On Calling All Mixels popup

  • Since the end of Mixels Rush, the Swamplands have been the site of the Cloud Ship, where it crashed and was destroyed during a chase between many Mixels and King Nixel. The monarch was seen controlling it at the time instead of the ship's owner, due to the latter's multiple failures throughout the game.


TV series

Season 2





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