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SuperAwesome is the largest marketing platform directed towards kids and teens in Europe, reaching almost 30M uniques each month across mobile, web, online video and physical discovery. The company has over 90 content partners as well as several proprietary kids properties including Swapit, Box of Awesome, SuperAwesome Club and SuperAwesome Games.

SuperAwesome works with brands from all categories to communicate safely and effectively with the challenging kids and teens market. Clients include LEGO, Warner Bros, Hasbro, Disney, Nintendo and many others. SuperAwesome Research, the company's dedicated research arm is highly regarded within the FMCG market and has the largest kids research panel in the UK.

Launched in 2012, the company was founded by serial entrepreneur and investor Dylan Collins and is based in London. On March 28, 2014, LEGO and Cartoon Network partnered with the company to launch a new Mixels digital campaign.

Official Press Release

(PRWEB) March 28, 2014

SuperAwesome and LEGO® have today announced that they are partnering to launch the LEGO Mixels digital campaign across SuperAwesome's multi-channel kids and teens marketing platform.

LEGO Mixels launched at retail on 1 March and is the first global joint venture between LEGO and Cartoon Network. The franchise includes characters that can mix and combine with one another to create wacky characters and are available as cartoon content and mini LEGO construction toys. Each Mixels model features up to 70 pieces of LEGO, including new elements such as eyes, teeth and ball joints.

Reaching over 30M kids and teens every month on mobile, web, video and physical discovery channels, SuperAwesome is the leading marketing platform for the youth audience in US and UK. The company's innovative platform also allowed the LEGO campaign to include a highly innovative HTML5 digital painting application, accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Harry Harrison, LEGO Mixels Brand Manager commented, "With children today interacting with content across so many different channels, it can be a tough challenge to engage meaningfully across this competitive landscape. SuperAwesome's multi-channel platform is the ideal environment to bring this new game-changing play theme to life in the digital realm." He continued, "From designing their very own Mixels character to winning prizes, this digital campaign will offer a truly fun and interactive hub for LEGO Mixels fans."

Dylan Collins, SuperAwesome CEO commented, "We're incredibly excited to be once again working with LEGO on such a groundbreaking new initiative. The combination of TV, digital and physical toys makes it a perfect entertainment experience for this new generation of kids."

The Mixels shorts debuted on Cartoon Network on 15 February and air weekly. Check out LEGO.com/Mixels for building instructions, mini games, inspiration and Mixels.com for further videos, information on the cartoon and app-powered gaming experience.

SuperAwesome recently announced their expansion into the US market via the acquisition of MobiGirl Media.

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