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Strange Medix experiment creates new Max

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Series 8
Episode Number 19
Release Date August 10, 2016
Characters Medix
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Attempted Bank Robbery
Nindjas vs. Trashoz

Strange Medix Mixels experiment creates new Mixels Max[1] is the nineteenth episode of the Mixels stop motions. It was released on August 10, 2016 on YouTube.


Surgeo, Skrubz, and Tuth, the three Medix Mixels, attempt to bring to life an entirely new Mixels Max. All they need are some parts from the three Mixopolis City Fire Department (MCFD) Mixels and Skrubz' defibrillator. But will the experiment work? And what Max will result from it?[1]


In Mixopolis General Hospital, the Medix prepare the parts to make a Mix. Skrubz' first attempt fails and an eye falls off the table, much to Tuth's dismay. After brushing it, Tuth puts the eye back on the table and Skrubz goes again, this time, it works and the Mix leaves the hospital.


Major Characters



  • This has the longest name of all stopmotions.


  • The title refers to the Splasho & Lewt Mix as a Max.
  • The synopsis erroneously lists all members of the MCFD as part of the Mix. This is possibly why the episode considers the Mix to be a Max instead.



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