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Spiky Desert
Spikel Land
Inhabitants Spikels
Visitors Glurt
Features Desert floor
Spiky cacti with flowers
Silver spikes

The Spiky Desert is a location on Planet Mixel where the Spikels reside. It has sunflower-infested, spiky, enormous cacti that are found all over the desert.



The Spiky Desert is an empty desert with tons of giant cactus with a few spikes. At the top of the cactus are giant sunflowers that bounce like trampolines. There are three cactus on short, reddish mounds with open doors with a sunflower flopping down over the doors.

Calling All Mixels

Free hugs!
— World selection slogan

In Calling All Mixels

In Calling All Mixels, the Spiky Desert is designed to look like a topiary garden. There aren't as much sunflower cactus there, and instead, shrubs cut into heart and popsicle-shapes are most common. They are decorated with ribbons, hats, sunglasses, and mustaches, and often have hair curlers and combs near them. Outdoor tea tables, vegetables, watering cans, bicycles, and fountains are also in the area, and there are some desert parts with sand art printed onto the sand.

Background Music

Calling All Mixels

Spikel action loop
Spikel exploration loop
Spikels region background loop


  • The flowers are very bouncy and can be used as trampolines, as shown by the Scorpi & Glurt Murp in Murp Romp.
  • The interior of a spiky cactus was never seen.
  • The spikes sticking out of the ground are able to move on their own, and may be sentient.


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