[Slumbo, Flurr, Kraw, Jawg, Flain, and Krader stand on one side of a half-pipe made of ice.]


Flurr and Kraw: First!

[Kraw snowboards down the halfpipe, while Flurr flies behind. Kraw pulls out a Cubit, and Flurr bites it.]

Flurr and Kraw: Mix!

[Flurr & Kraw Mix flies back to beginning of half pipe, others start talking variously.]

Krader: Aw yeah!

Slumbo: That's great, man!

Flain: I'm so happy for you!

Slumbo: Next! 

[Slumbo and Jawg snowboard down together.]

Jawg: Rarahh! Haa daa dah daraah daaghh!!!

[Jawg and Slumbo do the same thing.]

Slumbo and Jawg: Mix!

[Mix barfs logs and ice poles, making stairs to walk back to the beginning of the half pipe.]

All: (Variously). All right! Cool! Nice!

Krader: Last!

[Flain and Krader start snowboarding. Krader pulls out a Cubit as it shines bright.]


[However, when Flain and Krader reach the other side...]

Flain and Krader: MURP!

Flain & Krader Murp: Murp. Murp. Aheeheehee!

(Murp catches fire and falls through the ice half pipe.)

Mixels: Oooh! Ouch!

[Flain and Krader pop out of the hole they created, frozen.]

Flurr: (Flies in.) It's the bomb...

Slumbo: (Sliding in.) be a Frosticon!

[Episode ends with THE END popping up and switching to NEH EDT.]

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