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"It's the bomb..."
" be a Frosticon!"
— Flurr and Slumbo
Snow Half Pipe
Snow Half Pipe shot

Just another friendly game.
Season 1
Episode Number 15
Production Code 501-296-04C[1]
Original Airdate June 5, 2014
Characters Krader
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Bar B Cubes
Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness

Snow Half Pipe is the fifteenth episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on June 5, 2014.


Various mixels mix to perform a halfpipe trick- but some mixes are more successful than others![1]

Episode Summary

Flain, Krader, Jawg, Kraw, Slumbo and Flurr go snowboarding together on their ice half pipe. Everything goes great until Flain and Krader make a Murp.


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Major Characters


  • Flurr SandboxCubit015 Kraw Mix
  • Slumbo SandboxCubit015 Jawg Mix



  • This episode marks the debuts of Jawg and Kraw.
  • Everyone in this short except Slumbo are the leaders of their tribes.
  • At least one member in each Series 1 & 2 tribe (except the Electroids tribe) made an appearance in this episode.
  • Lunk is the only Frosticon to not appear in this short.
  • None of the helmets worn by the characters are made for either skateboarding or snowboarding. Rather, they are for other sports (such as Kraw's football helmet) or professions (such as Slumbo's construction helmet). Further still, some of the helmets are merely entirely offbeat (such as Flain's Viking helmet).
  • Flurr is the only character that does not wear a helmet in the episode, as he technically is not riding the snowboard; rather, flying behind it.


This episode and "Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness" aired on June 5, 2014 directly following the Teen Titans Go! episode, "Puppets, Whaaaaat?" and received a total of 1.986 million viewers.


  • The Flain & Krader Murp appears again. This is the second appearance of the aforementioned type of Murp. ("Murp")
  • This is the second time Flurr and Slumbo make appearances ("Wrong Colors", "Bar B Cubes")


​Memorable Quotes

Murp...Murp. Hehehe!
— Flain & Krader Murp



Snow Half Pipe Title
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