Slumbo & Flain Murp
Appearances Fang Gang Log Toss
First Mixel Slumbo
Second Mixel Flain
Ability Can be used for Log Toss
Topples when attempting to move

The Slumbo & Flain Murp is a Murp that made its debut in Fang Gang Log Toss.

Physical Appearance

The Murp's design resembles a totem pole with both his Mixels placed one on top of the other. The arms are on the inside of the log unlike their usual outside. Flain's totem section has a more square version of his body with his eyes and beak on it. His prongs are circular with a U-like connection on the center of the prongs. Slumbo's totem section has a shorter and rounder version of his body with his face including a black highlight and no ice crystal on top.


Fang Gang Log Toss

Chomly plans to trick Flain and Slumbo by Murping them with a Cubit as revenge for them burning their log. Flain and Slumbo go back to listening to music, until they accidentally touch the Cubit, causing them to Murp. Chomly then grasps the Murp, and uses him for his game of Log Toss. He gets a high score from the Murp.


  • His appearance is similar to that of a totem pole.
  • So far, he is the only Murp that cannot move at all. Although, the two Mixels connected to each other are able to change emotions and slightly move their arms.
  • He is the only Murp to clearly resemble both Mixels that form his body.
  • He is the only Murp to be made from Mixels from 2 different Series.


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