Shuff & Zaptor Murp

Murp 2

First Mixel Shuff
Second Mixel Zaptor
Ability Spinning around causes him to electrocute himself

The Shuff & Zaptor Murp is a Murp that did not appear in the series, but has appeared on

Physical Appearance

The Shuff & Zaptor Murp has Zaptor's jaw on the body and a black mouth, connected to a grey body with a yellow line at the bottom. The back of the body has a yellow point at the bottom and Zaptor's electric rod on top. The head shows half of Shuff's body with his crystal replaced with an extra eye and two other eyes connected. The hand have a darkish-yellow part on each arm, with both having inverted results. The feet are yellow with a darkish-yellow toe on the left foot and a yellow part on the southeast corner. The right foot has a grey toenail and a darkish-yellow and yellow nail on top.


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