No teddy-butterfly! HELP!
— Shuff
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Tribe  ?
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Gender Preference Male
Color Black
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Shuff is a Cragsters Mixel.


Clumsy, timid and overly nice, he has a body like a living wrecking ball.



Shuff, along with Krader, are seen popping their heads up from underground and laughing before getting knocked over by the Seismo-Zorch mix.


Shuff is enjoying cookironis with the other mixels, but they then realize that Krader has the last Cookironi. When Zorch is about to eat the Cookironi, Shuff burrows up and bumps him away. But Vulk then punches Shuff away. Shuff later mixes with Krader and Seismo to create the Cragsters Max, and they chase after Zaptor until they are forced to battle against Electroid and Infernite Maxes. They de-fuse out of exhaustion, and then Zorch accidently sits on the Cookironi. They later see a Nixel with a cookironi box and chase after it.


Krader, Shuff, and Seismo compete in a digging contest. Shuff and Seismo complete the contest successfully, but then see that Krader is missing. They dig their back down and eventually find him caught by the Electroids. The Electroids are preparing for a dance party and the Cragsters decide to join in. Shuff mixes with Krader and Seismo to create the Cragster Max. After said max says it is a better dancer, it has a dance contest with the Electroid max.


Shuff, Seismo, Vulk, Volectro and Teslo are at a barbecue party. Shuff is seen setting up a "Ballooniata" on a tree. Later, he, Krader, Flain and the others are seen burnt.

Set Information

Shuff was released as one of the Mixels sets in the Febuary 2014 product wave. His product number is 41505.


  • He is known as the cutest Mixel.
  • His name possibly comes from the word shuffle or stuff and shifty
  • He collects ceramic figurines.





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