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41505 Shuff b
Debut Coconapple (episode)
Last Appearance  ?
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe Cragsters
Position  ?
Gender Preference Male
Color Grey
Special Features Crown
Large body
Likes Cookironies[1]
Ceramic figurines[2]
Dislikes Nixels
Zorch[citation needed]
Quote "No teddy-butterfly! HELP!"
Voice Actor  ?
Game Abilities  ?
File:Shuff Set.png
Series 1
Item Number 41505
Packaging Grey polybag
No. of Pieces 51
Price $4.99 USD
In-Booklet Code W2ECK1NGB61

Shuff is a Cragsters Mixel.


Shuff is super helpful, super friendly, and super super clumsy. This Mixel loves to help out but ends up accidentally smashing everything.



Shuff, along with Krader, are seen popping their heads up from underground in both the intro, and laughing later on before getting knocked over by the Seismo and Zorch mix.


Shuff is enjoying cookironies with the other mixels, when they realize that Krader has the last Cookironi. When Zorch is about to eat the Cookironi, Shuff surfaces and knocks him away. He is about to eat it when Vulk punches him away. Shuff later mixes with Krader and Seismo to create the Cragster MAX, and it chases after Zaptor until it ultimately battles with the Electroid and Infernite MAXes until they defuse out of exhaustion and Zorch sits on the last Cookironi. They then see a Nixel with a box of cookironies and chase after it.


Krader, Shuff, and Seismo participate in a digging contest. Shuff and Seismo complete the contest successfully, but then see that Krader is missing. They dig their way through and eventually find him held hostage by the Electroids. The Electroids are preparing for a dance party and the Cragsters decide to join in. Shuff mixes with Krader and Seismo to create the Cragster Max and after an exchange of words, they have a dance contest.


Shuff, Seismo, Vulk, Volectro and Teslo are at a barbecue party. Shuff is seen setting up a "ballooñata" on a tree. Later, he, Krader, Flain and the others are seen burnt.


Shuff orders his ceramic teddy butterfly online, but he gets a note from Zorch saying that he missed him. Aggravated, Shuff enlists the help of both Seismo and Krader to receive his new toy. The Cragsters finally catch Zorch when the turn into a Max and crush him. When Shuff finally gets the package, he gets so excited that he throws his ceramic teddy butterfly to the ground and breaks it, and he starts crying after he realizes what he had done.

Wrong Colors

Shuff and Volectro are attempting to escape a large swarm of Nixels and are eventually saved by Flurr and Gobba.


He is another attendant at Balk's party.


Other Cragsters


Like the other Cragsters, he despises Zorch, mostly because he did not deliver him a package. The rest are so far neutral.


He is best friends with Volectro, the rest is so far neutral.


Neutral, so far.

Fang Gang

Neutral, so far.


Neutral, so far.

Glorp Corp





Set Information

Shuff was released as one of the Mixels sets in the March 2014 product wave. His product number is 41505 and contains 51 pieces.

Shuff's in-booklet code is W2ECK1NGB61, which is WreckingBall when decoded.


  • His name is a play on the word "shuffle".
  • He collects ceramic figurines. The ones he owns are Piranharex, Tigerscorp, Porciocobra, and (formerly) Teddy Butterfly.
  • He can mix with Zorch or Volectro.
  • His teeth are facing upwards when he's animated, but not in his LEGO set.
  • Similar to Slumbo, he has a crystal on his head. Slumbo actually bares a lot of resemblance to him.
  • He, Krader and Zaptor only have four murp Mixels.
  • He digs by spinning his body.
  • He was originally meant to have the name "Seismo", with the current Seismo being called "Shuff" in his place.
  • He has the deepest voice of the Cragsters.
  • He was originally going to have a thinner and looser crystal on his head, as if to invoke hair.









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