Appearances Mixel Moon Madness
Type Spaceship

The Ship-Space, also referred to as a Moon Pod, is a spaceship that was first mentioned in the Mixed Up Maze activity, and later appeared in Mixel Moon Madness.


The Ship-Space is a white oval-shaped lunar pod. Extensions with green inner tips, along with light green stripes decorate the main area of the pod. On the top of it is a round viewing port on top of a green band, with a rooster wind gauge on top of it. On the front of the pod is a hatch door. The bottom of the pod has three booster rockets with yellow stripes on the smaller two.

At times, the Ship-Space is able to launch out mechanical legs with brown loafer shoes.


Mixed Up Maze

In the Mixed Up Maze, Nurp-Naut had to get to the Ship-Space in time with Globert and Burnard.

Mixel Moon Madness

In the beginning of the episode, the Orbitons disguise the Ship-Space as the Mixel Moon, which grabs the Infernites and pulls them in the ship. It then turns back into the Ship-Space and takes the the tribe to the Mixel Moon.

Mixels Rush

The Ship-Space appears as an obstacle in various lands. There are multiple versions of the Ship-Space, with some of them being stronger and harder to destroy. 

The Ship-Spaces in Mixels Rush


  • "Ship-Space" is a spoonerism of the word "spaceship".
  • It appears to also work as a mech, as it can autopilot itself without any Orbitons in it.


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