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Series 9

Series 9
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Release October 2016
Tribes Trashoz
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Series 9 is the ninth and final wave of the LEGO Mixels sets. It was released on October 1, 2016, with some stores selling them early throughout September 2016. Series 9 consists of nine new characters, split into three new tribes - the Trashoz, the Nindjas, and the Newzers - with three characters each. One character in every tribe comes with a Nixel.

In the show

These characters, along with those of Series 8, were the main focus of Nixel, Nixel, Go Away.



Gobbol Sweepz Compax
41572 41573 41574
Product IMG Serie8 41572.png
Product IMG Serie9 41573.png
Product IMG Serie9 41574.png
Once the other Trashoz tribe members have cleared the lighter trash, this Mixel takes care of the really big stuff. Gobbol can gulp down just about anything with that double-opening mouth. But don’t be fooled—this dumpster on wheels is actually rather intelligent and doesn’t talk too much rubbish!

Note: This set comes with a Nixel.

With brushes on each hand and a broom for a tail, this Trashoz tribe member should be able to clean the streets of Mixopolis in double-quick time. But Sweepz is easily distracted and likes to show off to passers-by. This can cause delays, so you might have to tell this fun-loving Mixel to get a move on! No alleyway or street gutter is too filthy for this enthusiastic, garbage-guzzling Trashoz tribe member. When Compax gets going, even parked cars and small trucks have been known to find their way into its digestive system. This is a Mixel of few words… well, only one word actually—“Crunch”!


Cobrax Spinza Mysto
41575 41576 41577
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Product IMG Serie9 41576.png
Product IMG Serie9 41577.png
This enthusiastic Nindjas tribe member is always the first one in and last one out on any mission. With 2 ninja forks and amazing acrobatic ability, cunning Cobrax can seem quite frightening. But deep down, this snake-like Mixel has a sense of fun and much prefers to toy with opponents than hurt them.

Note: This set comes with a Nixel.

The most playful member of the mysterious Nindjas tribe, this Mixel with a spinning body and 2 ninja swords just loves having fun. Spinza’s antics may try the patience of fellow tribe members, but that madcap sense of humor shows other MIXELS™ that the feared Nindjas are kind-hearted avengers really! This wise Mixel is a master of the ancient ninja arts with the lightning-fast reflexes and acrobatic skills to leave any opponent confused. Just a tip of Mysto’s hat and the other Nindjas know what their silent leader wants them to do. And for all of those impressive warrior skills, you’ll discover that Mysto also has a cheeky sense of humor to keep spirits high.


Screeno Camsta Myke
41578 41579 41580
Product IMG Serie9 41578.png
Product IMG Serie9 41579.png
Product IMG Serie9 41580.png
This sharp-dressed member of the Newzers tribe is not just a pretty TV-shaped face— Screeno is a director, writer, producer and reporter for MIX TV all in one! When MIXELS™ want the news, they always look to this smooth-talker with a microphone in hand to deliver the latest big stories! This brave member of the Newzers tribe is MIX TV’s ‘eye in the sky’ who will go anywhere to cover a story. Whether hovering low in a small room or soaring high for shots of the whole of Mixopolis, Camsta always delivers award-winning pictures. So spin those rotors and launch into Camsta’s next job!

Note: This set comes with a Nixel.

This mobile recording studio of a Mixel is a crucial member of the Newzers tribe’s I Witness team. A sound engineer, editor and mixing board all in one on 4 legs and wheels, Myke does whatever it takes to broadcast the MIX TV news to viewers!


  • This wave continues and concludes the Nixel designs that are themed around the professions of each tribe.
  • Just like Series 7, all of the Nixels have the same ear design.
  • The Series 9 animations on the website heavily rely on fourth-wall breaks.
  • The official character photos for this series were found on the LEGO website in mid-August 2016; one and a half months before their official release.
  • Despite yellow being used as the promotional color and for the display boxes, orange is used for the Products page icon color on LEGO.com.
  • Prior to their official release, their downloadable instructions were accidentally substituted by those of Splasho's.
  • Just like Series 8, there are no cycloptic leaders.
  • The Newzers are the only Series 9 Tribe not to feature a member based on an animal.

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