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Series 8
Mixels Serie8
Release June 2016
Tribes MCFD
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Series 8 is the eighth and penultimate wave of the LEGO Mixels sets. It was released on June 1, 2016, with some stores selling them early throughout May 2016. Series 8 consists of nine new characters, split into three new tribes - the MCFD, the Pyrratz, and the Medix - with three characters each. One character in every tribe comes with a Nixel.

In the show

These characters, along with those of Series 9, were the main focus of Nixel, Nixel, Go Away.



Splasho Aquad Hydro
41563 41564 41565
Product IMG Serie8 41563
Product IMG Serie8 41564
Product IMG Serie8 41565
This walking fire hydrant is always in charge at the scene of a fire emergency. Splasho might move awkwardly and slowly, but this portly Mixel thinks quickly and is a great leader. That big mouth is ideal for yelling orders to fellow firefighters and aiming a powerful jet of water to extinguish the biggest fires! The flying extinguisher of the Mixopolis City Fire Department, this Mixel gives the perfect bird’s eye perspective on any emergency. Fly to a water source and open Aquad’s mouth wide to fill up and then soar into the air again to drop water on the fire. When it comes to high-flying combustible action in Mixopolis, Aquad is the go-to inferno-extinguishing Mixel! No building is too tall for this firefighter. Hydro’s ladder neck, wheels, hands that shoot water jets and all-in attitude make this Mixel a key member of the MCFD team. If only Hydro wasn’t so forgetful… but don’t worry, somehow, some way, this multitasker always shows up to help fellow firefighters eventually.
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.


Sharx Skulzy Lewt
41566 41567 41568
Product IMG Serie8 41566
Product IMG Serie8 41567
Product IMG Serie8 41568
Join Sharx and crew aboard the Sea Dawg ship docked in Mixopolis Wharf for the city’s finest Pirates of Penzance-style musical show. This shark-headed Mixel has a barrel leg for hiding treasure and just loves to perform. If only the rest of the cut-throat Pyrratz shared Sharx’s enthusiasm! This one-eyed pirate with a wooden… well, plastic leg is always on the lookout for valuables to steal. That’s why dinner guests on the Pyrratz’ ship must always check their pockets (and Skulzy’s eye socket) before they leave. With this swashbuckling Mixel around, mutinous mischief is guaranteed!
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
This treasure chest on crab legs can often be found waiting tables at the Pyrratz tribe’s Sea Dawg dinner theater. Even when off-duty, Lewt can never relax as the other pirates are always trying to steal those jewels in its mouth. That’s why this nervous creature’s eyes are always on stalks looking out for potential looters!


Surgeo Skrubz Tuth
41569 41570 41571
Product IMG Serie8 41569
Product IMG Serie8 41570
Product IMG Serie8 41571
With a medical cabinet for a body and a syringe arm, Surgeo is always equipped and ready to perform an operation. This hyper Mixel never sleeps and lives for the sound of the emergency bell. Surgeo may not be the calmest of the Medix, but they couldn’t ask for a more energetic and enthusiastic leader. A rolling emergency room medical kit, this Mixel is a key member of the Medix team. With an operating theater light and heart-starting defibrillator arms, Skrubz has the equipment to jolt any poorly Mixel back to health. There’s just one slight problem—performing medical procedures make squeamish Skrubz feel sick!
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
It doesn’t matter whether patients at Mixopolis General Hospital have a bruised knee or a sprained wrist, this Medix character will always check their teeth. Tuth gives everyone a vigorous tooth-brushing—and might even extract a tooth as well—whether they like it or not!


  • The images for these characters were accidentally released early on the LEGO website's server.
  • This wave continues the Nixel designs that are themed around the professions of each tribe.
  • All of the tribe Maxes seem to resemble vehicles or modes of transportation. 
  • This wave continues the panoramic views of tribe locations on the bag art from Series 7.
  • Just like Series 7, there are still no in-booklet codes for this series because there is no new app released.
  • This is the first series with all three tribes having jobs.
  • This is the first series to have no cycloptic leaders.
  • This is the only series in the entire franchise to have no animated models for at least one Max.

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