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Series 7 is the seventh wave of the LEGO Mixels sets. It was released on February 1, 2016, with some stores selling them early throughout January 2016. Series 7 consists of nine new characters, split into three new tribes - the MCPD, the Medivals, and the Mixies - with three characters each. One character in every tribe comes with a Nixel.

In the show

These characters were the main focus of Every Knight Has Its Day.



Kuffs Busto Tiketz
41554 41555 41556
Product IMG Serie7 41554.png
Product IMG Serie7 41555.png
Product IMG Serie7 41556.png
Make a record number of arrests with this Mixel’s long arm of the law! Mixopolis is a tough town and Kuffs is just the character to serve and protect it. This super-enthusiastic officer is the top cop in the MCPD tribe, but beware—sometimes Kuffs is too keen and arrests everyone and everything for no good reason!
This sweet MCPD tribe member is just too nice and will let prisoners talk their way to freedom. Keep Busto’s jail cell closed or this charming Mixel will get in trouble with 41554 Kuffs!

Note: This set comes with a Nixel.

Fresh from the MCPD academy, this super-mobile Mixel is always wheelie keen to make arrests. All the world’s a video game for Tiketz who carries out all police duties at maximum pace. And if anyone steals the cookironi, there will be trouble!

Note: This set comes with a Cookironi.


Camillot Mixadel Paladum
41557 41558 41559
Product IMG Serie7 41557.png
Product IMG Serie7 41558.png
Product IMG Serie7 41559.png
This royal Mixel has always had servants to take care of every part of its life. But now Camillot wants to meet all the citizens of the Mixopolis and learn the art of mixing. Just be careful this royal character doesn’t accidentally hurt someone with that axe arm! This snobbish royal doesn’t believe in mixing with common MIXELS™, preferring to catapult stuff at them! But Mixadel is not all bad—deep down, this Mixel has the heart of a hero!
This one-eyed, flying-horse-type creature is the pet of 41557 Camillot. Paladum may not be the cleverest, but will fearlessly do anything to protect its master. You too are sure to fall in love with this ever-cheerful and loyal character.

Note: This set comes with a Nixel.


Jamzy Tapsy Trumpsy
41560 41561 41562
Product IMG Serie7 41560.png
Product IMG Serie7 41561.png
Product IMG Serie7 41562.png

Shaped like a classic Frender Mixokaster guitar, this Mixel was born to rock Mixopolis! Jamzy might have more confidence than talent, but this one-eyed character never stops trying to entertain.

Note: This set comes with a Nixel.

This quiet Mixel doesn’t say much—it’s only when it’s time for a drum solo that Tapsy truly comes alive. Move Tapsy’s arms with drumsticks and pretend to beat out a rhythm for the rest of The Mixies band. This musician from MixOrleans has a trombone for a head and big cheeks to blast out a loud tune. When Trumpsy is playing, everyone in the Mixopolis knows about it! Just make sure no-one steals this Mixel’s music collection.


  • After three consecutive series, this is the first series to contain three entirely new tribes, rather than cousins of old tribes.
  • In this series, there are two new pieces and three new prints introduced: a new type of ball-joint (1x2 piece with a ball on the end), a new type of tooth/toe, a 1x1 half-closed eye tile, a "Mixies" drum used for Tapsy, and a Cookironi.
  • Just like with Series 2, all of the tribe names in this series begin with the same letter, which in this case is the letter "M".
  • The images for these characters were accidentally released early on the LEGO website's server along with Series 8.
  • This wave introduces brand new Nixel designs that are themed around the professions of each tribe, an idea that continued until Series 9.
  • This was the second wave, with the first being Series 4, to not contain any in-booklet codes.
    • This persisted until Series 9 because there was no official Mixels mobile game for 2016.
  • None of the Series 7 tribes were referred to by name in the show.
  • Series 7 introduces panoramic shots of the tribe lands on the bags, rather than the same static shot of the same location. This continued until Series 9.
  • With this wave, LEGO stop motion videos were replaced with mini movies.
  • The Mixies Max and the Medivals Max appeared in cartoon form on The Wonderful World Of Mixels, but not in the show.

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