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Series 6
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Release October 2015
Tribes Weldos
Glorp Corp
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Series 6 is the sixth wave of the LEGO Mixels sets. It was released on October 1, 2015, with some stores selling them early throughout September 2015. Series 6 consists of nine characters, split into two new tribes - the Weldos and the Munchos - with three characters each, and three extra characters were added to the Glorp Corp tribe. One character in every tribe came with a Nixel; Wuzzo coming with King Nixel instead.

In the show

These characters, along with those of Series 5, were the main focus of A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig.



Kramm Forx Wuzzo
41545 41546 41547
41545 KRAMM A
41545 KRAMM B
41546 FORX A
41546 FORX B
41547 WUZZO A
41547 WUZZO B
Kramm is the Weldos’ energetic leader and foreman. With a jackhammer arm and a strong hand with huge fingers, Kramm expects everyone on the team to work hard. Really hard. This clumsy Mixel with a cement-mixer mouth loves to smash and demolish things, but sometimes hits the good stuff too—it’s only when it rolls to a stop that you can check the total damage. With a chainsaw for a head, Wuzzo is known to accidentally cut through things and cause chairs, tables, and even buildings to collapse. Wuzzo is always quick to apologize—but watch out, because this saw-headed klutz will only do it again!
Note: This set comes with King Nixel.

Glorp Corp cousins

Dribbal Gurggle Slusho
41548 41549 41550
41549 GURGLE A
41549 GURGLE B
41550 SLURT A
41550 SLURT B
Dribbal is a know-it-all Mixel who actually knows very little! With horn-rimmed glasses and a superior manner, this goopy Glorp Corp member can talk and talk and dribble some serious snot. Gurggle is a fast-talking hothead with a serious sinus problem! As nimble as a grasshopper, Gurggle has huge legs that may be covered in slime, but they allow this Mixel to jump rings around any opponent.
Note: This set comes with a Rainbow Cubit.
Slusho is like a hippo in a hummingbird’s body! This Glorp Corp tribe member would love to fly like an eagle, but all that slimsly goop on the wings and tail makes it difficult. Sweet-natured Slusho never stops trying though. And when this Mixel does get airborne, watch out below because a hefty load of slime might just slop over you!
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.


Snax Berp Vaka-Waka
41551 41552 41553
Snax S6
41551 SNAX B
Berp S6
41552 BERP B
VakaWaka S6
Snax is a big, wide-eyed kid with a serious appetite! Like all the Mixels Munchos tribe, Snax just loves to eat and is great fun to hang out with. Berp is a walking food blender! Those four rotating arms are great for juggling lots of food at once and slam-dunking it into that big, opening mouth!
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
Vaka-Waka is really two Mixels Munchos in one! Vaka is the top half of the duo and in charge of food input, while ‘stomach head’ Waka handles the output… whether it likes it or not.


  • Like Kraw being the only cycloptic member in Series 2, Kramm is the only cycloptic member in this series.
  • This is the last wave to include booklet codes.


King Nixel King Nixel transparent / Major Nixel Vector Major Nix without stick in MR by RC Major Nixel trans / Muscle Nixel Muscle Nixel transparent / Flyswatter Nixel FlyswatterNixelTransparent / Boomerang Nixel Boomerang Nixel/ Cannon Nixel Cannon Nixel / Boxer Nixel Questionmarkforunknowncharacter / Catch Up Nixel Catch up nixel vector / Painted Nixels Painted Nixels TRANS / Tentacle Nixel Tentacle nixel vector / Nixie Nixie vector / Nixel Guard Vector Robo-Colossal Nixel Guard by RC

Other Species

Maximum Mixel Shadow Oracle transparent / Mixamals Borer prey vector/ Living Flames Living Flame TRANS / Chickens BACKAWCK
Mixels Series 6 (October 2015)

LEGO sets

41545 Kramm 41545 KRAMM B / 41546 Forx 41546 FORX B / 41547 Wuzzo 41547 WUZZO B (King Nixel)
Weldos Max Weldos Max trans

Glorp Corp cousins
41548 Dribbal 41548 DRIBBLE B / 41549 Gurggle 41549 GURGLE B (Cubit) / 41550 Slusho 41550 SLURT B (Nixel)
Glorp Corp Max Glorp Corp Max 2015 trans

41551 Snax 41551 SNAX B / 41552 Berp 41552 BERP B (Nixel) / 41553 Vaka-Waka 41553 VAKAWAKA B
Munchos Max Munchos Max trans

TV episodes

A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig


The Weldos MAX at Work! / The Munchos MAX are out to Lunch!
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