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Series 5

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Series 5
Release June 2015
Tribes Klinkers
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Series 5 is the fifth wave of the LEGO Mixels sets. It was released on June 1, 2015, with some stores selling them early throughout May 2015. Series 5 consists of nine characters, split into two new tribes - the Klinkers and the Lixers - with three characters each, and three extra characters were added to the Frosticons tribe. One character in every tribe came with a Nixel.

In the show

These characters, along with those of Series 6, were the main focus of A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig.



Gox Jinky Kamzo
41536 41537 41538
41536 GOX a
41536 GOX b
41537 JINKY a
Product IMG Serie5 41537
41538 KAMZO a
Product IMG Serie5 41538
Gox is a Mixel of privilege with a golden mustache who expects to be treated like royalty by pretty much everyone - even with a rotating eye and claw feet!
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
Long-armed Jinky is an aging heavy metal star in the form of a walking boiler room! This Mixel is normally laid-back and cool, but can behave like quite the heavy-metal fan if cornered. If you want to keep Kamzo happy, you just have to keep this Mixel working. With a rotating right hand and wrenching left hand, Kamzo is all about getting the job done with as much action as possible.

Frosticon cousins

Krog Chilbo Snoof
41539 41540 41541
41539 KROG a
Product IMG Serie5 41539
41540 CHILBO a
Product IMG Serie5 41540
41541 SNOOF a
Product IMG Serie5 41541
Krog is a big-mouthed Mixel who only lives for one of two things: to talk really loudly or to munch through anything that it's teeth sinks into—even if that thing is a refrigerator or a fire hydrant.
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
Chilbo is a total know-it-all with a translucent frozen brain and a looong answer for absolutely everything that usually puts the other Frosticons right to sleep. To Snoof, the Mixels’ world is one big place of wonder. With skis for feet and a bottomless curiosity that can get this Mixel into all kinds of trouble.


Spugg Turg Tungster
41542 41543 41544
41542 SPUGG a
Product IMG Serie5 41542
41543 TURG a
41543 TURG b
41544 TUNGSTER a
Product IMG Serie5 41544
Spugg is a super-curious Mixel with a rotating head to keep an eye on everything going on around. Aggressive towards strangers at times, but is normally playful and loads of fun once getting to know you. Turg looks like an experiment that’s gone very, very wrong! Part frog, part chicken, this Mixel has the longest tongue of them all.
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
This odd-looking member of the Lixers tribe can soar majestically into the sky with those flapping wings - or lick up nasty Nixels with the long tongue. Either way, it’s guaranteed to get a little weird.
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