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Series 2 is the second wave of the LEGO Mixels sets. It was released on June 1, 2014, with some stores selling them early throughout May 2014. Series 2 consists of nine characters, split into three tribes - the Frosticons, the Fang Gang, and the Flexers - with three characters each. One character in every tribe came with a Nixel.

In the show

These characters were heavily focused on in the second half of the first season of the animated TV show by Cartoon Network, with more focus being given to later tribes in Season 2.



Slumbo Lunk Flurr
41509 41510 41511
41509 Slumbo b2.png
41509 Slumbo.png
41510 Lunk b.png
41510 Lunk.png
41511 Flurr b.png
41511 Flurr.png
Slumbo is the sleepiest and dreamiest of the Frosticons, a blue Mixel tribe which hails from the frozen crystalline shells of dead volcanoes. It takes an earthquake to wake the guy up, but when Slumbo is awake, this lazy Frosticon has the muscle to move giant objects and create obstacles for Nixels. But beware, Slumbo can get brain freeze from making ice tunnels.
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
The unbelievably slow Lunk makes other members of the permanently chilled-out Frosticon tribe seem positively energetic. Lunk might not be the brainiest, or the most graceful when waddling across ice balancing on his stubby hands, but that thick ice exoskeleton makes this Mixel incredibly durable. And one sneeze from LUNK can instantly freeze a Nixel in an ice cube! Flurr is the leader of the chilled-out tribe Frosticons, a blue Mixel tribe that hails from the frozen crystalline shells of dead volcanoes. Flurr is the only tribe member who never seems sleepy and this curious creature likes to fly around to explore Frosticon lands. Flurr is great at spotting invading Nixels far away but sometimes misses the most obvious things!

Fang Gang

Chomly Gobba Jawg
41512 41513 41514
41512 Chomly b.png
41512 Cromly.png
41513 Gobba b.png
41513 Gobba.png
41514 Jawg b.png
41514 Jawg.png
Keep your hands and feet away from the jaws of Chomly, because this lazy, trash-compacting Mixel will try to crunch just about anything. This habit cost Chomly a tooth once and now its smile has a golden gleam. A member of the Fang Gang, the tribe with the biggest appetite, this close-talking Mixel has very bad breath. So you wouldn’t want to be stuck next to Chomly at a Fang Gang food party, but that stinking breath comes in very handy for repelling Nixels!
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
Gobba lives with the rest of the hungry Fang Gang tribe on a weird farm where they try to plant anything to see if it grows into food. The Fang Gang can go seriously crazy if their stomachs are empty, so use Gobba’s amazingly sensitive tongue to seek out the best food on their homeland and avoid the things that are less tasty. Some say Gobba can even taste feelings – sadness is very salty! The fiercely loyal and energetic leader of the Fang Gang, Jawg will stop at nothing to protect and help this quirky Mixel tribe. The Fang Gang live on a farm where they plant anything to try and grow more food to satisfy their massive appetites. Jawg is a bit of an animal, and won’t hesitate to bite intruders with those incredibly huge, fang-like teeth. Beware of Jawg!


Kraw Tentro Balk
41515 41516 41517
41515 Kraw b.png
41515 Kraw.png
41516 Tentro 7.png
41516 Tentro.png
41517 Balk b.png
41517 Balk.png
Kraw might be short but the leader of the orange tribe of Flexers, which lives in the remote Rubberlands, is one confident character. Claiming to be the smartest Mixel in the world, Kraw loves to challenge anyone to a quiz, but this round-bodied Flexer’s main strength is to make like a bouncy, rubber super ball to evade or smash Nixels. The incredibly elasticated Tentro is one of the most powerful of the Flexers tribe from the Rubberlands. Despite being strong and super-intelligent, Tentro lacks confidence. No one knows why, though, because this flexible Mixel has tentacles that pack a huge punch and the ability to climb any surface and capture any Nixel that attacks. Balk might be the slowest of the Flexers tribe, but this Mixel’s mallet-like head can hit, pummel and crush whatever gets in the way. All that head-butting has bashed Balk’s brain cells, so this hammer-headed Mixel can be forgetful and find it hard to spit out the right words. But there’s no one better to defend the Rubberlands, where the Flexers live, from Nixel invasions.
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.


  • All three tribes of this series have the letter "F" as the first letter of their names.
  • The only cycloptic Mixel of Series 2 is Kraw, making this the series with the least amount of cycloptic characters.
  • They all resemble a type of animal.
  • This is the first Series not to feature a stopmotion video with a Max from any of the Tribes in the Series.

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