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Series 1
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Release March 2014
Tribes Infernites
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Series 1 is the first wave of the LEGO Mixels sets. It was released on March 1, 2014, with some stores selling them early throughout February 2014. Series 1 consists of the first nine characters, split into three tribes - the Infernites, the Cragsters, and the Electroids - with three characters each. One character in every tribe came with a Nixel.

In the show

These characters were heavily focused on in the first eleven shorts of the animated TV show made by Cartoon Network and appeared majorly throughout the first season, with more focus being given to later tribes in Season 2.



Flain Vulk Zorch
41500 41501 41502
Flain Set
41501 Vulk b
Vulk Set
Zorch Set
Ignite your imagination with Flain! Flain is the adventurous leader and known as “the smart one”. But beware, if Flain thinks too hard that massive brain of his will soon catch fire! Melt mountains with the sizzling hands of Vulk! One-eyed Vulk is the strong but dim-witted member of the Infernite tribe. The scorching-hot hands of Vulk can melt escape routes through solid rock and fend off Nixels.
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
Blast off and speed away from Nixels with Zorch! Zorch is the fastest Infernite. The fiery jets from this cheeky Mixel’s backside leave Nixels standing in a cloud of smoke!


Krader Seismo Shuff
41503 41504 41505
Krader Set
Seismo Set
Shuff Set
Smash holes through rock with the wrecking ball fist of Krader! Super-strong Krader is one tough Mixel who can bulldoze through rock and dig deep pits to trap Nixels.
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
Cause an earthquake with the powerful stomping feet of Seismo! Seismo is a quiet and shy Cragster with huge feet that can cause an earthquake or an avalanche to bury Nixels! Create havoc with the demolition-ball body of Shuff! Shuff is super helpful, super friendly, and super super clumsy. This Mixel likes to help but usually ends up accidentally smashing everything.


Teslo Zaptor Volectro
41506 41507 41508
Teslo Set
Zaptor Set
Volectro Set
Zap the Nixels with the electrically charged tail of Teslo! Teslo is the lookout for the yellow tribe of Electroids. He has an electrically charged tail but is afraid of heights!
Note: This set comes with a Nixel.
Blast the Nixels with the living lightning rod that is Zaptor! Zaptor is the super-charged adrenaline junkie of the Electroids. He is capable of releasing massive blasts of energy and blinding light. Get super-static with Volectro, the wild-haired Electroid! Every day is a bad hair day for scatter-brained Volectro. One too many electric shocks have made Volectro emit loads of static energy which draws all kinds of weird things into that mega hairdo!

Awards and Nominations

  • In February 2014, Mixels Series 1 won in the Pocket Money category at the London Toy Fair Best New Toy Awards.[1]
  • Series 1 was ranked as a part of Family Fun Magazine's 2014 "Top 10 Birthday Gifts" list.

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