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Mixels (TV series)
Season 2

Season 2
No. of episodes 4
Channel Cartoon Network
Original run March 9, 2015 - October 1, 2016
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The second and final season (Series 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the toys) of Mixels officially premiered on March 9, 2015. The season consisted of four half-hour specials.

Accompanying the first half of this season was the app game Mixels Rush.

Characters Introduced

In alphebetical order.

iTunes Description

Join in the Mixels fun with brand new specials featuring all new tribes and all new adventures. Mixels are mischievous little creatures that live in tribes of three. And when three Mixels join forces they form a Max, which is the best possible combination of all. Just watch out for those pesky Nixels!

Official Description

The Lego Group and Cartoon Network bring you more specials showcasing the awesome world of Mixels. Mixels are small creatures that can mix and combine with one another in creative ways. Mixels are divided into different, fun-loving tribes who inhabit a fantasy land of adventure and wonder. Using the mysterious color-coded cubits, the Mixels can mix (when two Mixels combine), max (combining all 3 Mixels in a tribe) and murp (a mix that goes horribly wrong.) Meanwhile, the annoying, discolored Nixels and their evil leader King Nixel try to stop the Mixels from mixing.


No. in series


Original US airdate



Mixel Moon Madness


Includes Only You Can Prevent Forest Freezes, Only You!, Houston, We Have a Problem!, Crater Tots!, Things That Go Murp in the Night!, Don't Pull the Gravity Plug!, and Tall Tales From Da Moon!.

A relaxing Infernite camping trip turns into a crazy alien abduction that reveals even more fantastical Mixels on the moon.


A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig


A group of Mixels set out on a quest for the mythical Mixamajig, not knowing that it is part of King Nixel's evil plot.


Every Knight Has Its Day


When two competing Mixels start public school, sparks fly when one eagerly wants to mix while the other doesn’t.


Nixel, Nixel, Go Away


When King Nix puts a stop to mixing in Mixopolis, it's up to one young Mixel to save the city.


Mixels Series 4 (February 2015)

LEGO sets

41527 Rokit 41527 Rokit (Nixel) / 41528 Niksput 41528 Niksput / 41529 Nurp-Naut 41529 Nurp-Naut
Orbitons Max Orbitrons Max Trans

Infernite cousins
41530 Meltus 41530 Meltus / 41531 Flamzer 41531 Flamzer (Nixel) / 41532 Burnard 41532 Burnard
Infernites MaxInfernites 2.0 Max Trans

41533 Globert 41533 Globert / 41534 Vampos 41534 Vampos (Nixel) / 41535 Boogly 41535 Boogly
Glowkies Max Glowkies Max Trans

TV episodes

Mixel Moon Madness (Only You Can Prevent Forest Freezes, Only You! / Houston, We Have a Problem! / Crater Tots! / Things That Go Murp in the Night! / Don't Pull the Gravity Plug! / Tall Tales From Da Moon!)


Niksput and Burnard Mix

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