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|image = [[File:Morsmo.png|290px]]
|image = [[File:Morsmo.png|290px]]

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Scorpi & Mesmo Mix
Cartoon Appearances Mixels.com
Primary Mixel Scorpi
Secondary Mixel Mesmo
Purpose ?
Ability Can roll without moving

The Scorpi & Mesmo Mix is a Mix that has not made any appearances yet, but has appeared on Mixels.com.

Physical Appearance

The Scorpi & Mesmo Mix has Mesmo's body and legs, with two of Scorpi's feet on the left and right, and his silver feet at the top of them. On top of the body is a purple bodgy tapering under Scorpi's head with transparent blue for the pointy ears on both sides, and Mesmo's wings on the top of the head. He also has Scorpi's tail with a wizard hat and Scorpi's two spikes on both sides.


He is able to rotate on the ground with ease.


  • This Mix seems to be the first cartoon Mix to feature Scorpi as the dominant Mixel.


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