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Scorpi/Glurt Murp
Appearances Murp Romp
First Mixel Scorpi
Second Mixel Glurt
Ability Can get things slimy just by running all over them

The Scorpi/Glurt Murp is a Murp that debuted in Murp Romp.

Physical Appearance

The Murp has Scorpi's face. He has Scorpi's mouth as well, with four teeth and a slimy tongue inside of it. Above his mouth is one huge, cute, and unblinking Scorpi eye with two derpy Glurt eyes to the sides of it, giving him a total of three eyes. He has Scorpi's "ears", with some Glurt parts behind his face as well. His body is Scorpi's, but with the color of Glurt's. He has four green Glurt feet and Glurt's tail, but without the small green spikes; it has two huge Scorpi spines instead.


  • He can slice anything up with ease, and can get anything slimy just by running over it.


Murp Romp

In this episode, Glurt was sent for fetching a Cubit by Glomp, and the Spikels watched the Wiztastics' magic show intro. Magnifo's magic blast frightened Scorpi, and he ran away, which is when the Murp is created. Scorpi accidentally crashed into Glurt, causing them to accidentally touch the Cubit, murping them together.


  • He is the most dangerous Murp, and possibly living creature in Mixels Land.
  • Despite his voice sounding similar to Glurt's, he is voiced by Fred Tatasciore, rather than Bumper Robinson, Glurt's actual voice actor.
  • He is constantly smiling.
  • He is the first and, as of yet, only Series 3 Murp in the cartoon.
  • He is the most energetic Murp seen so far.
  • Out of all the Murps seen in the cartoon, he seemed to have the biggest role in an episode.
  • This is currently the only cartoon Murp without hands.


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