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Spikels 884x335 Warning! This page is Spikel territory.

MIX! The page you are about to view has something to do with the Mixel tribe of the Spikels. The fun-loving Spikels think of themselves as cute and cuddly, often forgetting they're covered with dangerous spikes.

41522 Scorpi b2
Debut Mixed Up
Last Appearance  ?
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe Spikels
Position Leader
Main character
Gender Preference Male
Color Tan
Special Features Eight Legs
Spiky Tail
Likes Sleepovers[1]
Hugging and Snuggling[2]
Dislikes Nixels
Being scared
Quote "Haah!"
Voice Actor  ?
Game Abilities  ?


File:41522 Scorpi.png
Series 3
Item Number 41522
Packaging Silver polybag
No. of Pieces 70
Price $4.99 USD
In-Booklet Code ST1NGR8

He's super cute and super skittish.
— Footi

Scorpi is a Spikels Mixel. He is also one of the main characters.


The leader of the playful Spikels tribe, Scorpi loves pillow fights, sleepovers and chatting all night. Always viewing life with a sense of wonder, this bug-eyed creature scuttles around on his centipede-like legs seeking fun. The cutest-looking of the Spikels loves to hug and snuggle, but beware of that dangerous pointy tail![3]


Mixed Up

In the Murp Romp Minisode, Scorpi was present at Mixel Park with the other SpikelsFooti and Hoogi. He was acting cute, much to Torts's enjoyment, until Glurt gave Scorpi a warm "Howdy, howdy, howdy!" to greet him, causing the little Spikel to scream in fright and dash onto Hoogi's head. Footi explained how he was super cute and super skittish, and the Spikels went off to explore Mixel Park. While Glomp and Torts were playing fetch with Glurt, the Wiztastics interrupted a few other Mixels' picnic to advertise their show. 

However, the four Mixels were unimpressed (most likely because Magnifo ruined their picnic.) Scorpi and the Spikels came on the scene to see what was going on, and shortly after this, Magnifo made a quick exit. This scared Scorpi, and he darted off, crashing into Glurt in the process (who had a Glorp Corp/Spikel Cubit in his mouth.) Instead of a Mix, they unfortunately made a Murp. This surprised the other Glorp Corp and Spikels, and they started chasing the Murp in order to stop it from destroying everything. In its rampage, the Murp scurried off into the Spiky Desert, sliming a giant cactus in the way. 

Using the Sunflower on top as a trampoline, the Murp accidentally crashed into a Footi/Torts mix, who, although managed to capture him, didn't have a good enough grip on the Murp, causing it to get away. The Murp then slimed the Mix, and they both fell to the sandy ground below. However, the Mix slammed down first, dizzy, with the Murp sliding off of it. Then, as a Plan B, Hoogi and Glomp mixed to capture the Murp. They chased it all the way towards a Wiztastics advertisement billboard, where the mix slammed right into it, causing the two Mixels to de-mix. Footi and Torts de-mixed in the meantime, and, now in a happier mood, they followed the Murp, which had gone into the Wiztastics' show.

At the Magic Tent, the Wiztastics were performing their latest show, with the Murp quietly watching. It then crawled quickly up the rafters on top of the stage, with Footi, Hoogi, Torts and Glomp following up. While the Murp was standing on a rafter that was out of reach, the other Series 3 Mixels had run out of ideas, run out of Cubits. However, Mesmo appeared with a Cubit. He and Torts mixed, and briefly chased the Murp across multiple rafters, finally capturing him with a lash of slime. Everyone celebrated finally stopping the Murp in its tracks, but meanwhile, back at the bottom of the stage, Magnifo's trick caused a huge blast of magic to come out of its hat. Breaking the rafters everyone stood on, the Mix and the Murp de-mixed in the process, with everyone falling into an upside-down pyramid formation. 

Vulk, the only attendant to the show, loved it, and as a result, Magnifo enjoyed the Infernite's applause. However, everyone (except Wizwuz, who had been standing by the whole time) came falling on top of Magnifo, resulting in an exhausted "dagnabbit."

In the Epic Comedy Adventure, Scorpi attended the Mix Festival at near end of the episode.


Other Spikels

The other Spikels love their leader, and think he is adorable.





Fang Gang


Glorp Corp

He is afraid of Glurt, but the rest of the Glorp Corp are neutral, so far.


Neutral so far.



Set Information

Scorpi was released as part of the Mixels sets in the September 2014 product wave. His product number is 41522 and contains 70 pieces.


  • Along with Flain and Kraw, Scorpi is a very popular member of the Mixels and is often shown as a mascot and icon for various promotional materials.
  • He is the leader of the Spikels[4].
  • In his LEGO form he has only two teeth, but in the show he has more.
  • He has a tail like TesloFlurrJawgGlurtMesmo and Wizwuz.
  • His name is short for the word "scorpion", and he also resembles said creature.
  • His eyes are huge.
    • He is the only Mixel in the LEGO sets to use the big, tiled eye pieces for two eyes, instead of one.
  • He is the only Mixel to have eight legs.
    • He has two legs that are silver, and the rest are all black. This may mean that he uses his silver legs as arms.
  • He replaced Kraw on the Calling All Mixels app icon in Version 3.0 on August 28, 2014 in the game.
  • Like Seismo, he can get scared easily.
  • In his set, his head can rotate on an axle.
  • In some scenes and shots, Scorpi is small; almost as small as a Nixel.
  • He is the only Mixel that has not talked in the show yet.









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