Rokit & Burnard Mix
R B Mx.png
Cartoon Appearances Mixel Moon Madness
Primary Mixel Rokit
Secondary Mixel Burnard
Purpose To retrieve Crater Tots from a Nixel (Mixel Moon Madness)
Ability Faster speed

The Rokit & Burnard Mix is a Mix that debuted in Mixel Moon Madness.

Physical Appearance

The Mix has Burnard's eyes, teeth, and jaw. He has Rokit's body with his legs as his arms, Burnard's triangle shoulders, and four hand-shaped legs with black "arms" and red "pincers". He also has Burnard's triangle ears inside his helmet-head and eyebrows.


Mixel Moon Madness

After the Nixels stole the food from the welcoming party, Rokit and Burnard Mixed to go after the Nixel who stole the Crater Tots. Using immense speed, he cornered him and suggested trying it with Rokit Sauce, to which the Nixel did, only to create an explosion and get burnt.


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