Krader: Rockball! (Throws rockball.)

Infernites: (Cheering) Rockball!

Shuff: (Gets crushed by rock, pushes it off of him. Shuff gets knocked out) Ouch...

Flain: Rockball looks fun, man. Let's play.

Zorch: I may be fast, but I'm no dum-dum. No way.

Flain: Vulk?

Vulk: (Droops ears, Flain and Zorch look at each other with slight annoyance) Uh, well know I'm um… busy...heh?

Flain:  (Scoffs, walks over towards the Cragsters) I'll play.

Cragsters: (Laughing.)

Krader: Oh, you serious. TEAMS! (Shuff throws the rock in the air)

Seismo: HA HA HA! (Seismo kicks it towards Flain, who panics and scrambles around.)

Krader: Get under it, GET UNDER IT! (Flain's head fire sets the rock on fire) HOT—BAAAAAAALL! (Throws inflamed rock at Seismo and Shuff causing Seismo to become scared. He jumps into Shuff's arms and both are hit by the flaming rock. Cut to white background, Shuff and Seismo are sitting down, both entirely covered in ashes.)

Krader and Flain: New game: Mixelball!

Infernites and Cragsters: MIX!

[Shuff and Zorch mix, Flain and Krader mix, and Seismo and Vulk mix. Each form a flaming rock and launch it towards each other. Cut to the Electroid Kingdom, Volectro is laying out on a lawn chair, holding a tanning mirror.]

Volectro: I'll never get a tan! (A shockwave from the explosion hits Volectro, his entire body is now covered in ashes.) DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT?!?

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