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A sports team is only ever as good as its coach.
— Facebook[1]

The Referee, or Coach, is a Muncho Mixel.



The Referee is a short-tempered Mixel that pushes his students to their maximum abilities. He is not fond of being talked back to by his students, and expects little of them in their goals.

Physical Appearance

The Referee has a large, trapezoidal body. The bottom half of his body is lavender while the rest of it is purple. He has a large, purple jaw with a lavender accent on the higher section of it. He has a lavender upper lip and a single eye that holds his light blue cap. He has lavender arms with a purple band ending it. He also has grey pincer hands. His legs are grey and his feet are purple with white accents and toes.


Early life

Little is known about the Referee's past. However, at one point in time, he began working as a coach at Mixopolis Middle School.

First adventures

The Referee once coached a game of Murpball in the Mixopolis Middle School gym. ("Every Knight Has Its Day")

The Referee coached an unknown sport in Mixopolis Stadium. ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away")

Memorable Quotes

  • "Randomly, I will choose two completely unrelated captains. You and you, step forward." - Referee, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "Now, try not to live up to my expectations. That’s your cubit ball. There are many like it, but that one’s yours. And you, my brick-faced friend, are captain of the red team." - Referee, Every Knight Has Its Day


  • He has a body resembling Krog's, albeit being two different colors.
  • His shoes loosely are akin to Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot only when he has feet.
  • According to his bio on the Facebook page, he is also the coach of the football team.

Behind the Scenes


In the TV series, and where sound clips are used, the Referee's voice is provided by Phil Hayes.

Real-life history


The Referee was debuted in the TV series on March 5, 2016 in Every Knight Has Its Day. He does not have a LEGO set.


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TV series

Season 2


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